After the excitement of the twin flame meeting, you will enter the stage of the twin flame relationship best described as the “Dark Night Of The Soul”.

This stage is characterised by separation, leading to agony, heartache and despair.

But this isn’t a punishment or karmic retribution – it’s an integral part of the forming of your twin flame relationship.

What Is The Dark Night Of The Soul For Twin Flames?

Sometimes called the separation stage, the “Dark Night Of The Soul” is the period between the first twin flame meeting and reunion.

During this time, you will feel a lot of pain. Your days are filled with feelings of helplessness, self-blame and self-pity.

You will question your life decisions that led you to this point. You will search for the things you could have done differently.

While you’re feeling sorry for yourself, your soul is preparing for awakening.

The confusion, anger and sense of betrayal that you feel are as a result of changes happening deep within you.

Your energy is shifting, and that isn’t always a pleasant experience.

What Causes The Dark Night Of The Soul For Twin Flames?

You share a deep soul association with your twin flame. This level of energy compatibility leads to deep level changes in your energy patterns, in a sense, altering who you are at a fundamental level.

Of course, that change is in the direction of who you indeed are.

But that kind of shift causes you to question yourself and your decisions. The dark night of the soul makes you feel like everything you know is wrong, feeding the despair you feel.

Why Do Twin Flames Need To Experience The Dark Night Of The Soul?

Twin flames need time apart to grow and learn in relative isolation from each other.

It’s relative isolation because twin flames continue to influence each other even during this stage without any direct contact.

The purpose of this stage is to give twin flames the time to integrate with their consciousness before the reunion.

In essence, you need to become fully conscious of yourself before continuing on the twin flame path – and your twin flame is doing the same.

It’s important to note that the twin flame who separates themselves during this time is not doing it to hurt the other. They are instinctively protecting themselves.

Dark Night Of The Soul Symptoms For Twin Flames

Does all of this sound familiar? During the dark night of the soul for twin flames, you will experience some or all of the following symptoms:

You feel hopelessness like the light has gone out of the world.

Urgent anxiety, a burning fear that if you don’t do something now, you’ll never be okay again.

Reliving the past, especially painful memories from childhood.


Panic attacks.

Soul ache.

These are just a part of the process. Working through these symptoms and solving them one by one, while also building your consciousness through meditation and other techniques, will bring you one step closer to twin flame reunion.

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