If you are looking for the Twin Flame stages explained then you are in the right place!

There’s a lot more to the journey than meets the eye so learning about the roads you will travel will help you make it a success.

Broadly speaking, there are 7 basic stages of the Mirror Soul journey.

Some are short, some are long and you may go through some of them multiple times. Some stages can be skipped completely whereas some stages always happen.

What we can’t do here is give you a roadmap. Just like all relationships, there will be unpredictable challenges and opportunities along the way.

Besides, everybody is different and the exact path you take together will depend on how your energies interact.

What we can do is lay out all the common stages that most or all Mirror Soul couples go through – with some helpful hints and tips for moving forward.

7 Twin Flame Stages Explained

1 – Yearning

Before you have even heard of the concept of Twin Flames you are in the first stage of the relationship.

This stage is characterized by a yearning – a feeling that something is missing from your life like you are not quite whole.

It’s not like you are crying in your bedroom every night through loneliness.

You probably have relationships and even fall in love while in this stage, but you never get the feeling that you have met “The One”.

It’s rather more like an itch for which you can’t find the source, a sense that someone is waiting for you to find them.

Sadly, most people stay in this stage for their whole life.

In order to move on to the next stage, you need to prepare yourself emotionally and spiritually.

Chakra meditation, Merkaba activation, and even practices like Yoga can help you to achieve the right state.

2 – Meeting

For those lucky few who are able to reach this stage in this incarnation, the meeting is a special kind of treat.

The experience opens your eyes to the machinations of the universe and the truth of the Twin Flame journey.

In the run-up, you will have dreams in which they appear.

You will not get a good look at them, but you know them intuitively from their energy.

Synchronicities will pop up around you, sending messages through special numerological signs like 11:11, 1001 and others.

And on the day, you will be taken from your usual routine and thrust into a new environment.

As your eyes meet across a room that neither of you were really supposed to be in, you will know that fate has brought you together.

3 – Honeymoon

What follows is the same honeymoon phase that all new couples go through.

Unfortunately, this is often more short-lived because Twin Flame couples move at a much faster rate than everyone else.

Nevertheless, this is an exciting and passionate time in your relationship and should be relished – if only to get you through what is to come.

4 – Crisis

Sooner rather than later you will enter a crisis of one sort or another. What counts as a crisis?

It could be a big argument or series of disagreements, or it could be a bunch of little things that pile up and put pressure on you.

This happens because you are getting to know your Mirror Soul.

They are called that because they put a mirror up for you to see yourself.

They highlight your flaws as well as they bring out your strengths, which can be uncomfortable and painful. In many cases, this causes one of you to become a “Runner”.

5 – Runner & Chaser

Not everybody goes through this stage, but some find themselves stuck here for a long time. It is characterized by one partner running from the relationship and the other pursuing them, though it is not always that clear cut.

The separation is caused by unresolved issues within one or both of you that need to be dealt with.

These often take the form of old wounds – past traumas that are still causing you problems to this day.

Issues with self-esteem and confidence can also contribute.

Whether you are the Runner or the Chaser, you need to be working on accepting your past and embracing your future if you are ever to move on from this stage.

6 – Surrender

The time you spend apart might be painful, but in the long run, it is good for you.

At some point, while you are separated you will independently surrender to the Twin Flame journey – consciously or otherwise.

You will accept your special connection and embrace its power, but surrender to the fates to bring you back together.

Being apart becomes less painful as you heal your old wounds and eventually, you will achieve a calm and balance that indicates that the final stage approaches.

7 – Union

Finally, and thankfully, you will achieve a Union. Whether by reaching out or by synchronicity, you will reunite as more evolved, mature people.

This time around there is little holding you back, nothing that distracts you from looking to the future – the baggage has dissolved and you are finally ready to be together.

From here you will face a whole new set of challenges. Life is full of them, unfortunately.

But now you have a partner, a Yin to your Yang (or vice versa) with whom those challenges will not only seem easier but also more fulfilling and rewarding.

So now that the Twin Flame stages are explained, is this the end of the road? Not quite.

There may be an additional Crisis stage or two along the road.

It all depends on the hand life deals you and the obstacles it throws your way.

But now you know that you are in it forever, so even the bad times aren’t all that bad after all.

You have reunited with your Mirror Soul at last and your path leads to a higher dimension of consciousness.

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