Every journey begins somewhere, and the journey towards reuniting with your twin flame begins with an insatiable sense of yearning for the one.

Yearning for the one is commonly called the “search stage” of the twin flame journey when your inner self starts to yearn for its mirror soul.

Recognising this stage and knowing how to move forward through it will aid you in your preparations for the twin flame meeting.

Someone Made For You

For most of your life, you were happy enough looking for love. Perhaps you even found it once or twice.

But there comes a stage when you start looking for something more.

The love relationships you have experienced have been fun, but they haven’t been as fulfilling as you hoped.

They didn’t feel “meant to be”. A desire burns deep within you to find that one person with whom you share a destiny.

It begins as an unexplained yearning. Something is missing from your life, but you aren’t sure what quite yet.

As this yearning builds, you begin to realise what it is that you are missing — your twin flame. You might not know it by that term, but the concept is clear as day in your mind.

Echoes Of Energetic Blueprints

To understand why this feeling is happening, you should know about the nature of twin flame mirror souls.

Your soul is unique, and it shares the experience with others. None more so than your twin flame, who is the only person with whom you share an energetic blueprint.

Think of it as a pattern that the energy within you vibrates in.

You are yearning for a matching pattern for your energy, and through your expanding intuition, you can sense that this pattern is out there for you to find.

Your senses are correct. Your twin flame fits the bill perfectly.

Through this yearning, you are also putting your energy out into the world.

Igniting the flame triggers the same yearning in your twin flame so that they too can work through their search stage to prepare for you.

Working Through The Search Stage

Reuniting with your twin flame doesn’t just happen – it takes self-improvement and expansion of your intuitive senses for you to be ready.

Luckily, as your yearning for the one builds so will your desire to prepare to meet them.

Working with this energy is mostly subconscious.

You will find yourself examining your thought patterns more often, trying to be healthier and more balanced, and becoming filled with a renewed passion for life.

Yearning for the one naturally drives you to self-improvement, partly because you don’t want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime to be with your twin flame.

You should embrace this process and put yourself to work on improving your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Through meditation, you can expand your consciousness and improve your self-knowledge.

Learning about your energy and what makes you tick will also teach you about your twin flame.

If you both prepare your sacral energy for the arrival of each other and the timing with physical incarnation is right, then you will unite with “the one”.

This situation does not come together physically for many twins. Most often flames connect between dimensions.

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