Twin flame surrender stage is one of those blissful and smooth periods. It is like a dormant state allowing you to take care of yourself, by ‘giving birth’ to that very authentic version of you.

That you are no longer under strain of your own ego or even dated patterns, here, you are just preparing to be faced by unconditional love again, frequently when you surrender, not because it’s over, because it continues.

The emotional dirt was removed from you as well as the surrounding.

The chakras have already been tuned and you’re being prepared to process the very first big frequency of love that is now heightened.

Beginning of twin flame surrender stagetwin flame surrender stage 3

This may reach every fibre of your spiritual being and body, the same time as your chakras. It seems very profound that you must allow yourself to be ready.

The Universal energy will get this done for you, there is no effort required for allowing this to occur.

Your twin flame will feel the love since it is the same vibrational frequency that is going through your hearts which are joined together. This is the big one for your astral heart.

The twin flame surrender stage benefitstwin flame surrender stage

1.) You know you have discovered and have accepted the means to connect with your twin flame in soul or by opening your heart to send love, and they may answer.

You understand now that there is some part of your being that reacts without saying anything and that your twin flame will hear the reply in this way too.

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2) Most often you may not be in control of the link and relationship, or your twin flame but only yourself.

3) There has been times you felt that you are emotionally addicted and even hurt and still you wanted to repeat this same self-sabotaging actions as before.twin flame surrender stage 2

4) Now you’ve found out what made you go back to past relationships.

5) You are not needy any more in your twin relationship but much more active on your personal life and you have found your strength again and learned that negativity only pops up from your own weaknesses and ego.

What kind of benefits did the twin flame surrender/surrendering stage bring to you? Have you felt more peace, bliss and love by allowing yourself to surrender? Leave a comment and let us know.