People love symbols. A picture is famously worth a thousand words and the ability to communicate so much with so little is where the real power of the enduring symbol.

The twin flame experience has its own set of related symbols.

By considering the twin flame symbols, it becomes easier to understand on an intuitive level what the nature of the twin flame relationship is.

So let’s take a look at the symbols associated with twin flames, and the meaning they hold within.

The Twin Flame Symbol

We’ll start with the twin flame symbol, with the idea of breaking it down before building it back up at the end.

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The twin flame symbol is formed by a triangle, inside which sit two intertwined or adjacently joined flames, all of which sit above the conjoined circles of infinity.

This symbol is the definitive twin flame symbol and represents the twin flame experience in totality.

The Twinned Flames

Let’s start with the easiest part of the symbol, which is the two flames that sit within the triangle.

This symbol pre-dates the term “twin flame”, and is likely where we get the term from – though there is some disagreement as to whether this was a causal thing or an instance of synchronicity.

The flames symbolise light and life, the burning heat of biology in a mostly cold universe, as well as symbolising the twin flames themselves.

The Triangle

Next, let’s look at the triangle, which has held symbolic importance for twin flames since the start.

The bottom left angle represents the Divine Masculine, and the bottom right represents the Divine Feminine.

The top point represents the ideal of the twin flame relationship, a perfect complement of feminine and masculine energies that maintain an energetic balance.

Notice that as each point grows closer to its opposite point, both are ascending.

This part is heavy symbolism for the process of ascension, which is a balancing of the opposing energies within the twin flames.


The infinity symbol is formed by two adjacent, conjoined circles.

Each circle represents one twin flame. Through their joining, they achieve infinity – an immortal, everlasting soul formed from twin souls.

Returning To The Twin Flame Symbol

Now that we know what the constituent parts symbolise, we can read the twin flame symbol a lot more clearly.

We see that twin flames exist inside a delicate balance between the masculine and feminine energies which, while at odds, are both required for ascension towards the ideal to be achieved.

The essence of the twin flame relationship is better found in the term “twin flame journey”.

The destination isn’t really what matters, as the real progress and value are in the journey.

Some like to say that the ends can justify the means. Perhaps in some areas of life, they are right.

But in the twin flame relationship, when it comes to the very core of what it is to be a conscious being in an unconscious universe, the ends are irrelevant.

All that matters is the twin flame journey and the companion who shares it with you.

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