Any meaningful coincidences in life are known as synchronicities. It is the connection of two or more events that occur accidentally but have a deeper meaning. Synchronicities bring lots of strange sensation with them because they are going to change your life.

Even though you are not aware of the reason entirely, but your mind gives you a hint that there’s something important that you don’t notice. Something is going to change, and that conversion would affect you significantly.

Synchronicities are very common in the life of twin flames. As their connection is spiritual, now and then they are receiving some special messages from nature in the form of synchronicities.

 The most common synchronicities that happen in the lives of the twin flames are:

Number 11:11

Do you see the number 111, 1111 or any double or triple digit number? Do you mostly look at your watch when it is 11:11? This happens to you now and then.  Your bill amount is $11 or $111 and so on.

If this number keeps repeating in your life in any way, then your twin flame is near, and you will reach ascension with your twin flame.

If you have already met your twin flame, then things are going to get physical. There’s always a feeling of “something is going to happen” when you see this number, and you find a significant change.

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Presence of the Name

One sign of twin flame synchronicities is the presence of their name everywhere. On TV, on a computer, on billboards, you see their names at least once in a day for a while until you perceive the message right.

It especially happens when you are thinking about that person particularly, and the name pops out from nowhere.


Other than names, you also see symbols everywhere. For instance, when you are thinking of a person and surfing through the internet, suddenly a picture of a rose grabs your attention somewhere.

Or walking down the street and thinking of the person makes you notice a lovely couple that looks a lot like you two and so on. There could be so many symbols around, and you need to see them.

Same Background

Most twin flames have had the same past life experiences. It is something they have decided before their incarnation. Their story makes you feel that you hear your own story from someone else.

Unexpected Meetings:

No matter how much you want to avoid a person, he or she keeps coming back to you wherever you go; even though they also don’t want these unexpected encounters. When something is happening like that, pay particular attention as that person could be your twin flame.

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In this era, when you recognise your twin flame, you could quickly know each other’s location; but even if you don’t have contact through a cellphone, you will find each other at the same place. It happens because nature wants you to understand that you two are meant to be together.