A particular facet of the twin flame relationship is its uniqueness in the extraction from a life of spiritual synchronicities.

In fact, the twin flame relationship brings out so many of these synchronicities that it can become a little spooky to the uninitiated.

But for those of us who understand the purpose of synchronicity to our spiritual lives, these events are less spooky and more intensely exciting.

We see them for what they are – messages from the universe. Messages we need to decode.

One crucial time for synchronicity is at the awakening of the twin flame relationship.

This is a very spiritually significant time, and as such, we receive a lot of messages from our guides in the form of synchronicity.

So what twin flame synchronicity signs can we look out for?


Usually signifying mirror souls and new beginnings, the number sequence 11:11 often appears before, during and immediately after the beginning of a twin flame relationship.

The beginning is a wrong word. Awakening is more accurate, as, in fact, the twin flame relationship predates both twin souls by a lifetime at least.

And it is this awakening of the twin flame relationship that drives the appearance of 11:11 synchronicity signs in our lives as the untapped energies of the relationship become unlocked.

They Text When You Think Of Them

After meeting our twin flame, we often can not wait until the next time we see them and want to continue to communicate. In this day and age, this means texting or messaging via apps.

But the synchronicity becomes apparent when we are thinking of our twin flame after meeting them and then, seemingly out of the blue, they text or message us.

This is synchronicity that demonstrates the unity held within the twin flame relationship and often signals a strengthening bond.

Similar Experiences

Another synchronicity we may experience with our twin flame is that of a shared background.

Often we find we share many things in common with our twin flame, not least our kind of upbringing or background.

This is usually down to an agreement made before this life began that the twin flames should have similar experiences to aid in unifying the two souls again through ascension.

In Fact, You May Even Have Met Before

An interesting part of talking with a lot of people who have met their twin flame is in the startling number of reports from people who had already met their twin flame many years before they met again and recognised each other as twin flames.

This meeting is not a prerequisite to the twin flame relationship, but it so often happening can be attributed to synchronicity.

The universe has a funny way of bringing people together for reasons we probably will never fully understand.

But this particular synchronicity is easier to understand when we talk to those who have experienced it.

Without fail, they report that they felt like they were meeting an old friend – which we often do when we meet our twin flame – and it only brought them closer together when they discovered that they were.