The magic connection, twin flame telepathic touch. The connection that binds twin flames together allows for some incredible psychic abilities, one of which is telepathic touch.

This is the ability to touch your twin flame – or be touched by them – on a telepathic level at any physical distance.

It takes a bit of practice to get good at, but telepathic touch can be an excellent way for twin flames to stay close even when they are far apart.

The Energetic Soul Connection

The ability to telepathically touch your twin flame relies on your connection.

All twin flames, and only twin flames, have this energy connection. It is unbreakable, brimming with high energy and incredibly powerful when used to twin flame communication.Woman performing twin flame telepathic touch meditation

Although it is possible to learn telepathic touch without your twin flame, without the silver cord, it becomes orders of magnitude more difficult.

Because telepathic touch relies on your energy levels, you must make sure that the connection is healthy.

Preparing For Twin Flame Telepathic Touch

Before you try to touch your twin flame telepathically, you must cleanse your aura and be in a state of love, only love.

You can do this with cosmic energy meditation, or chakra healing meditation. You could also try twin flame meditation.

It’s essential that your relationship is on solid ground before trying telepathic touch.

Settle disputes and forgive misdeeds before trying this technique.

When you are ready, cleansed of negative energy and in a good place with your twin flame, you can begin.

Touching Your Twin Flame Telepathically

Find a comfortable meditation spot. It should be quiet, comfortable and in a place that you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Light some candle and incense, perhaps smudge the room to rid it of any negative energy and layout any healing or energy crystals you have – particularly purple or blue gemstones like sapphire and amethyst.

Allow yourself to fall into a meditative state and picture your twin flame. Immerse yourself in their energy, with the goal being to inhabit them for a moment.

Feel what they would feel. Think about how they would think. Allow yourself to surrender to being your twin flame.

Then feel the sensation of being touched. A big hug is good to start with, as it is a clear and familiar feeling. Hug your own body, but feel it as your twin flame.

As you do, feel the emotional aspect of the touch. If you touch them in comfort, feel comforted. If you touch them with love, feel loved.

The intention of the touch is just as important as the physical feeling, and you want to send that to your twin flame as well.

Developing telepathic touch abilities with your twin flame is fun and, if you use your imagination for a moment, it opens many opportunities for helping long distance twin flames stay close.

We tend to underestimate the importance of physical contact until we are seperated from our partner.

If this happens with you and your twin flame, telepathic touch may well be the answer to your problems.