We often get asked here at Spiritual Unite how to harness Twin Flame telepathy during separation?

We believe the question comes so often because it is a vital tool that exists to help bring the two of you closer together during the time that you must be apart.


Harnessing these powers can help you to bring the separation stage to an end, moving closer to the union.

If you are experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations that seem to originate with your separated twin flame, then you should know what to do.

Why Do We Get Twin Flame Telepathy During Separation?

The reason that twin flames experience a spike in telepathic ability during separation is partly to do with your shared mission, and partly to do with soul-ache.Twin Flame Telepathy During Separation - web of consciousness

Your shared mission is to achieve union with each other and ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness.

For this mission, you need to bring your energy together.


The connection that allows these mind reading abilities facilitates this, with your energy going back and forth, entering and exiting each other’s subtle bodies.

Harness Twin Flame Telepathy During Separation

The other reason we see a spike in telepathy is that you are both experiencing soul-ache.

After the initial meeting, twin flames know they have met “the one.”

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It feels as though they have found the missing piece that fits perfectly in their soul.

Separation takes that away, and the pain is almost unbearable.

These powers are a way for your souls to connect, even as you must be apart.

Total separation isn’t needed, so you get a little boost in your ability to exchange energy.

Receiving this energy boost helps to keep your soul nourished and get you through this stage.

Harnessing Telepathy To Bring Union

As soon as you are both ready for union, it will happen. Until then, all you can do is heal your old wounds.

It is the old wounds that keep you apart. They can’t be dealing with in the twin flame relationship, which is inherently forward-looking.

Instead, you need to deal with them now.

They will be dealing with their wounds, but twin flame telepathy during separation allows you to help them with this process.


By sending messages of love, light, and growth, you can help them to find the source of what is keeping them from you, and then to deal with it.

If nothing else, it can subconsciously keep your twin flame on the right path. Every time they get sidetracked, it takes longer for your union to occur.

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You may find out later (as many do) that your twin was drawing energy from these messages to help them with their healing.

Separation is often a difficult time for both twins, and one usually needs more help than the other in this area.

Using your twin flame telepathy during separation, you can send messages of love and images of your future together to provide a focus for your twin flame.

It works as a subconscious ideal they can aim for that gives them a feeling of support during a difficult time.

And each one accompanied by a mental image of you, the sound of your voice, the buzz of your energy and, most importantly, the warmth of your enduring love.

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