The strong emotional and spiritual bonds of twin flames allows them to send and receive telepathic messages even when they are miles apart. Their connection is too strong that they don’t need words and physical expressions to transmit their feelings always.

As they are one, they communicate telepathically even without knowing. Here are seven twin flame telepathy signs:

No Veil between Each Other’s Thoughts

You are like a mirror in front of your twin. They can see what’s in your mind. Random thoughts and feelings from your mind find a way to their mind, and their thoughts do the same. Even when you both are not connected, this connection won’t fade away.

Many Mental Conversations

Twin flames don’t need words to communicate only. Without speaking anything, they can pick up what is happening in the mind of other. They can share thoughts and feelings by staying silent the whole day.

They can even enjoy the romance at a distance. Their strong emotional connection keeps them connected no matter where they go.

The Same Idea Pops Up In Both Mind

Many times, you both share the same idea at the same time. When one wants to say anything, the other one picks the idea instantly and shares it before.

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Crystal Clear Soul

For your twin flame, your soul is transparent. As you both share the same soul, there are no secrets and surprises. When you meet your twin flame, you finally get the feeling that someone knows you completely and you feel this because your soul is crystal clear for them.

Sharing Common Dreams

Twin flames are highly amazing; their minds remain active to each other even when they are sleeping. There are many times when they both are enjoying a shared dream. It is not a dream only, but another mode of telepathic connection that works even when they sleep.

Having Same Tastes and Interests

When you share one soul in two bodies, how could you expect that there would be no similarity interests? Twin flames share the same interests that make their relationship even more powerful and enjoyable.

Their favourite movie genre is the same; they also like to read similar kinds of books. Common places interest them. Their taste in food is also very much alike. This makes their bond so much more special. Having same the tastes and interests is one of twin flames telepathy signs.

Having Similar Flaws

Humans are imperfect beings and finding a twin flame doesn’t make you flawless. It is the part of your life, and your faults go away when you grow spiritually. As twin flames are quite similar, so are their faults.

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Telepathy grows strong when there’s a bond of love and attraction between the twin flames. Positive energy nurtures it to keep the souls connected.

But, if twin flames separate, this beautiful connection starts to fade away slowly and goes away with time. The more you remain loyal to your twin flame, the more you can enjoy this magical bonding.