Recognising The Twin Flame Telepathy Symptom

Twin flame telepathy symptom: If you have begun to notice some symptoms that seem to be examples of twin flame telepathy then don’t worry – you’re not going crazy!

The telepathic connection between twin flames is well known and well documented.


Knowing the signs of twin flame telepathy will help you to identify the connection and harness its power.

So let’s take a look at some of the most common symptoms that people experience that are related to twin flame telepathy and the silver cord connection.

Twin Flame Telepathy Symptom

Everybody has a certain level of skill at communicating non verbally – that is, using body language and empathy.

For twin flames, this subconscious communication is greatly enhanced.

While together, we know what the other is feeling even when they are trying to hide it. In fact, especially when they are trying to hide it.


We can even have a whole conversation with our twin flame without uttering a word!

Twin Flames Sharing Dreams

Dreams are the primary portal to the spiritual plane for most people.

It is on the spiritual plane that our twin flame relationship is most strongly manifested.

By sharing dreams, we mean that we have the same dream at the same time – completely separate from each other!

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In essence what is happening is that we are literally in the same place on the spiritual plane during our dream.

The point of this is to do spiritual work while our bodies are resting, utilising the silver cord twin flame connection to work on the karmic lesson of the night.

Telepathic Messaging

Don’t get too excited – this is very different to sending an email or text message.

When we are away from our twin flame, we often get little messages from them in the form of thoughts and emotions that appear suddenly and do not feel as though they originated within ourselves.

If our twin flame is feeling scared, or ecstatic, or particularly loved, or any extreme emotion we might be kept in the loop by our telepathic connection.

Feeling Each Other’s Presence

You might have experienced this one without really thinking about it – it’s very common!

We might be going about our day, perhaps at work or doing some shopping or getting some housework done, and suddenly we feel the presence of our twin flame.

It might manifest as a familiar feeling, or even a scent or energy, that we associate with our twin flame.

And then, as though we’ve just sensed the future, we hear them:

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“Just popped in to see you!”


We (probably) haven’t seen the future here. What has happened is that their energies have preceded them, their aura stretching out and contacting ours.

This is a form of energy telepathy and is the same underlying mechanism by which we know when someone is watching us.

All of these things are examples of twin flame telepathy.

Engaging in regular spiritual practice with our twin flame – such as meditation and chakra healing – allows us to become more familiar with the unique energies of our twin. This, in turn, strengthens the telepathic connection.

Some twin flames have taken this so far that they need not speak out loud at all.

If only we all had that level of dedication to twin flame unity.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.


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