Twin Flame Telepathy Symptoms – Gage Their Virtual Distance

Telepathy between twin flames is common. Spotting the signs and symptoms of twin flame telepathy can help you to harness its power for the good of your relationship.

Some of these telepathy symptoms are mild, but some are strong and undeniable.


Have you spotted these twin flame telepathy symptoms?

Precognitive Telepathy Between Twin Flames (Twin Flame Telepathy Symptoms)

Precognitive telepathy between twin flames is your ability to know what they are going to say before they say it.

It will often manifest as their voice in your head, saying what they are about to say, or not want to say. You hear it clear as day, down to the tiniest detail.

The reason this happens is that energy travels faster than your physical form.

Your twin flame thought of what they were going to say; then in the time, it took for their brain to instruct their vocal cords to form the words that energy thought pattern made it to you via the telepathic connection.


Twin Flames Attune Emotionally

It’s not just thoughts that you receive over your twin flame telepathic connection. You are also privy to emotions, values, and physical sensations too.

This whammy bag of information results in you knowing exactly how your twin flame is feeling at any given time.

The result of opening their cosmic gift bag usually results in you adopting their emotions, values, or physical sensations, you can not help but manifest them within you.

If they are feeling a bit sick, then you begin to feel a bit too ill.

If they are down, you feel down. If your twin is feeling joyous, then you are jumping for joy out of your skin too!

Sharing Dreams With Your Twin Flame

Probably the most common symptom of twin flame telepathy is sharing dreams with your twin flame.

Inhabiting your flames physical, behavioral changes is different from merely dreaming of your twin flame. Instead, you both experience the same dream with both of you present.

These dreams do not need to occur at the same time in the physical world, as they take place on the astral plane where time doesn’t work the same way as it does on Mother Earth.

Therefore it is possible to share a single dream on different nights.


It is here that your telepathic connection is most reliable, and any communication you have here is done entirely through twin flame telepathy.

Telepathically Sense Your Twin Flame’s Presence

Your twin flame telepathy skills also allow you to sense the presence of your twin flame.

When they enter a building, you are in or are getting close to where you are, and you get a sudden feeling of their presence.

You will feel butterflies in your stomach, but have no idea why? Only if you have completed previous steps will you know why you feel so unsettled and to be honest kinda high.

Twin Flame Telepathy Works At A Distance

Finally, if these symptoms show up even when your twin flame is distant from you, then this is a genuine telepathic connection.

Twin flame telepathy doesn’t function on any physical level. Instead, it works through higher dimensions where physical distance has no meaning.

Even during twin flame separation, you will not lose access to the power of twin flame telepathy.
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