Twin Flame Connection: 5 Stages Of Twin Flame Union

It’s very important to know the stages of twin flame union. Did you know twin flames were once just a single soul with both female and male energies combined? From the beginning of time, the single soul unit was a unified energy from both it’s male and female part which then was split into two souls as they were left to venture on earth separately. Here are some stages of twin flame union.[wp_ad_camp_4]

1. The First twin flame union stage is The Rose Colored Stage.

The first stage of a relationship is probably the most liked for people. It is often referred to as the Rose Coloured Stage because everything looks rosy. You’re totally in love with your partner and he or she can do no wrong. You’re ideal for each other. You both are very happy and you think this wonderful feeling will last forever. You are both on your best behaviour and do special things for each other just because you can. It is very unusual that you or your partner have a disagreement or argue.twin flame union

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2. The Disenchantment Stage.

Next comes the disenchantment stage. The rose coloured glasses are removed and you recognize that your twin flame partner is human and not as perfect as you first thought. Little habits that you didn’t notice before can become irritating. Romance is still there but is it a little calmer. It’s during this stage that common relationship problems can first arise. Communication between you and your partner becomes very important because you’re asking yourself where the dream relationship has gone and what to do about it.

3. The Panic Stage.

The third stage of twin flame union is the panic stage as the disappointments grow and the relationship is not enjoyable anymore. There are many external pressures such as work, your partner’s family, money etc. You begrudge the fact that your partner doesn’t see things the way you do. It’s now that you really need to work hard on your relationship because if the problems cannot be settled the relationship would end, this is were most twin flame relationships fail.


4. The Strength Stage.

If you were able to survive twin flame union stage 3, then you are at the strength stage. Deeper feelings of love and trust are felt as you feel more confident in yourself and your relationship becomes more peaceful and meaningful. The intense intimacy has faded into more of a friendship as you each drift into your own hobbies and interests. Although you have learned how to have a relationship that is more peaceful and cooperative, resist the temptation to become bored and enjoy the relationship.

5. The Meaningful Love And Commitment Stage.

The last of our stages of a twin flame relationship is probably the best as you accept your partner for what he or she is, with all their faults and irritating habits. This is known as the meaningful love and commitment stage. True love has developed and you’re both committed to working on how to make a relationship work. You’re no longer struggling for individuality but functioning as a unit and enjoy life together.


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  1. This is true for every relationship, not just twin flames. I miss mentioning of the deep connection and the intensity of it, that makes the difference between any relationship and a twin flame relationship. In a normal relationship you have the same stages, but the intensity of what you feel in a twin flame relationship can not be compared.


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