The Twin Flame experience is special. No other relationship can help us understand the true oneness of the soul and of consciousness more than the Twin Flame relationship, centred as it is purely on the spirit level of consciousness.

We love our Twin Flame as we love ourselves, on the same level. That is no accident – our Twin Flame, in some ways, shares our soul.

It is not entirely that simple, though. At birth, our soul splits into two threads, mirrors of each other.

This does not result in two separate souls, however. Instead, this can be understood better by describing the result of this split as two parallel expressions of the same soul spirit, each of them is both individual and unique in awareness but inextricably linked in their oneness.

Are they separate? Yes. Are they one? Yes.

To the physical, mental and emotional minds, this idea is unintuitive. But to the spiritual mind, it is an undeniable truth.

From the viewpoint of the soul, both threads are unique in awareness and consciousness. From the perspective of the soul, both threads are itself.

Distinct, but one. That is the essence of Twin Unity.

When we achieve spirit consciousness and unify with our Twin Flame, we can achieve Twin Unity.

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The soul unites, but the threads remain distinct even as they become one. That is the essence of true love – one soul in two bodies, unified in spirit.

And the unified soul holds within the love and pure acceptance that comes naturally to it. It always has, it always will.

The process of achieving Twin Unity is not so much one of creation but one of rediscovery, a process of learning that fuels the evolution of universal consciousness.

Twin Unity allows the ego consciousness to expand even as it transforms with the knowledge of oneness.

And with this knowledge of oneness, with the unconditional love and acceptance discovered within the unified soul, comes the essence of the Twin Flame relationship – trust and harmony in the path of the soul journey.

Twin Unity is a union based on mutual support for the journey the soul must take and the lessons it must learn.

The soul makes a distinction between each twin – unique in their awareness and being. But the love, joy and peace of each are indistinct.

Love is self-love, one’s joy belongs to both and peace can only be mutual or absent. In unity, goals and journeys are shared and hold their importance outside of ego consciousness.

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Understanding Twin Unity is understanding the universe and universal consciousness. While we remain individual, distinct and unique, we must recognise that we are part of a whole.

In the Twin Flame relationship, we see the soul expressed in distinct ways, but even the soul is a distinct expression of consciousness of which there are many.

Each soul and each thread is an expression of the Source consciousness, belonging to the whole in oneness.

Twin Unity achieved through the Twin Flame relationship allows us to glimpse the true oneness of the universe.