Twin flames share a strong spiritual connection commonly referred to as the “silver cord”.

It is manifested energy that connects the two halves of the soul that we share with our twin flame, stretching from the heart chakra of both twins and connecting them.

The silver cord is pure vibrational energy and is an incredibly powerful thing.

It feeds off of our energies, our auras and chakras, our blockages and activations, our moods and emotions even play a role.

But it operates at a frequency that reflects the strength of the connection and the progression along the spiritual journey to ascension that we share with our twin flame.

There are many ways to measure this vibrational frequency, including quizzes and expert readings, giving us a score that describes the vibrational state of our twin flame relationship.

What does this score mean? What are the twin flame vibration levels?

Low Frequency

A low-frequency level with our twin flame, with vibrational energy at 200 or lower, the connection is barely there.

Because it is the unbreakable silver cord, it will always maintain its own existence, but functionally the connection is of little use.

Low frequencies, in general, are indicative of the spiritually unawakened. These people are the majority and live in a world where they have only the illusion of truth and the illusion of control.

They live without really understanding their spiritual selves, their true purpose or their mission in this life.

In the twin flame relationship, these low frequencies should only appear when there is a physical and emotional separation. It is indicative of severe problems.

Mid Frequency

Mid-ranged frequencies are where most of our twin flame relationships fall.

As we progress along our spiritual journey, we will attune to our shared frequencies and then raise that frequency together. We do this through spiritual practice and by learning karmic lessons.

Most people, even the spiritually awakened, never go beyond the mid ranged frequencies in their twin flame relationship.

The primary thing that prevents this is the grip on the ego we all possess.

Being unable to separate our idea of self from our perception of and behaviour, in reality, puts a glass ceiling on the level to which we can raise our vibrational frequencies.

High Frequency

The highest frequencies signal proximity to enlightenment and ascension.

At this point, the attunement process is complete, and all that remains is to push the vibration levels up just a little more in order to trigger our ascension.

But those last few ticks each take more effort than the sum of what came before it. This is why the universe needs so much time, and why ascension is such a cosmically laborious endeavour.

But at these levels we are already extraordinarily happy, experiencing the joy of true love and oneness in the universe, so a little more hard work is hardly a bother.