Two twin flames feel intense vibrations, even if they’re not together. They have a soul to soul connection that synchronises their minds, and consequently, amplifies their spiritual energies.

At least, one of the twin flames is spiritually evolved and has developed psychic abilities. They can perceive the other twin flame’s thoughts and feelings, regardless of the distance separating them.

These telepathic skills stem from spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual evolution makes one of the twin flames more psychologically attuned.

One of the twin flames, is, however, spiritually immature, and lacks the abilities to connect with their fated counterpart.

Sometimes, they feel disconnected due to an existential crisis that continually unsettles their life, and leads them astray.

These contrasting spiritual energies give rise to the “twin flame-runner-chaser dynamic”.

The twin flame that is spiritually immature flees from the love of their counterpart, whereas, the other twin flame chases them ― persistently trying to reunite with them.

The twin flame runner often resorts to drugs or other ineffective coping mechanisms.

The runners feign happiness and wear a mask out in the open, to conceal their emotional vulnerabilities.

Deep down, their souls are shattered, aimless, and lost. This deteriorating condition gives rise to an inconsistent and highly unstable vibration.

This instability in vibration makes them sway away from themselves and their twin flame. Instead of weathering storms themselves, they seek help from their self-ego and end up exacerbating the situation.

The twin flames who have found their higher selves should approach the spiritually immature counterpart carefully.

They should try to understand the runner’s plight.

The runners are used to living a roughed up life. They become immune to love. They retreat to the darkest corners of their minds, because of their scarred past that haunts them daily.

Making them realise that they also deserve love is an uphill task and requires perseverance and patience.

If you are dwelling in sorrow and gloom, your vibrations will plummet, and the connection between you and your twin flame will slowly diminish.

You will no longer be able to connect with them telekinetically. Once you turn into a runner, you will let your self-ego rule over your heart, which will, in turn, decrease the chances of your rehabilitation.

To raise your vibrations, you must let go of your guilt, fears, insecurities, heartaches, scars.

You must learn to live with your flaws and imperfections. Hatred spreads like wildfire and destroys your soul.

A twin flame must face their fears and insecurities on their own. They should not ignore their emotional and spiritual problems, because, doing so, would make matters worse for them.

As long as the twin flames don’t vibrate at the same spiritual levels, they will not be able to find harmony in each other’s company. Conflicts will disfigure their relationship, and sway them away from each other.

Twin flame vibration is a very sensitive topic and requires profound understanding.

The twin flame experience is a subjective one. One must find his ways of filling his soul with love and light to become a worthy twin flame.