Twin flames karma is a subject that pops up as a discussion many times, in this article you will find out what this means for you and your twin flame partner.

The notion of twin flames dates back to the roots of many myths which have to do with the rising of masculine and feminine forces to create an ultimate match of energy and a new generation. Tantric arts have been designed with this goal in mind.

On a more basic level, we have personal relationships which may manifest as having deeper soul connections than we are typically aware of.

There is the concept of root karma interaction.

This is where we have intensely mingled with another entity in another life and it has created karmic connections through this life. This is Why Twin Flames Connection is About Karma.

Karma is simply the energetic match of a given energy.

To bring it back to basics of energy and physics, that is what Karma is. The fact it is an extension of Consciousness is debatable and addressed by many different paradigms but the fact of Karma, the effect of one action upon another, has been proven over and again by science.

There is a profound nature to love and a soul connection which involves simple, exchanged actions which actually contain the power to withstand eternity. It is by the nature of this energy we are reunited with soul mates and even manage to find our twin flame in the first place.

Twin flames karma in ancient times.

The idea of the twin flame comes from the concept of a continuous soul, as detailed by the Egyptians in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Also, a similar process is described in the ancient text, The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

For there to be linked souls or “flames,” which actually refers to the heart, there must be a continued consciousness to maintain the constructs of recognition so one will, in another life, be able to find their twin flame and match Karma’s to a degree of evolution for both and all.

As contrived as much of this ideology may seem, it is actually integrated with human behavior on such an intricate level as to be inseparable. Our conscious actions and interactions do leave imprints on us which can continue beyond death.

Naturally, this will be contended by different belief systems. Regardless of contention, it is always certain when one has found their twin flame and thus fruits the idea about Why Twin Flames Connection is about Karma.twin flames karma

Karma is action and interaction of all actions and it is expressed as action upon actions. If that does not leave your head spinning, there is no assurance of what will. To make it more understandable, it works like this: some patterns in the universe have opposites which match the pattern to create a whole. An example would be DNA. There are two helix structures which must be cleaved together to activate the DNA.

The very same is true with people and with Karma. Action determines direction. So, there is a movement of direction between two matching frames which is known as discord. This discordance must be resolved before twin flames can join and the resolution lies in Karma.

There is much to discuss about twin flames karma, we have only scratched the surface, as karma is also about individual circumstances, so it becomes quite personal and unique.