Twin flames’ missing each other isn’t just an ordinary feeling of nostalgia. It’s overwhelming to the point of excruciating.

You can actually feel a crippling pain in your bones in your twins’ absence. Twin flames love dearly for a myriad of reasons.

First of all, they’re eternal lovers. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say that their first meeting in the real world wasn’t really their first meeting.

Before incarnating into the physical world, they spent many lifetimes together in the spiritual realms. Therefore, they feel an instant belonging, a longing for each other.

They want to make this union stick. That’s why the connection that they have is exceptionally rare and strong.

One other reason why twin flames miss each other is that, once they were a single unit? opposites cramped in a single body if you must say. That is why their thoughts are so aligned.

The universe drives them to be together. Have you ever wondered that despite the intermittent separations, somehow you and your twin still stumble across each other? I mean, come on, it can’t always be a coincidence.

The universe works in mysterious ways. It has fated you to end up with your flame.

That is why no matter how many times you try to screw up the relationship, the universe works to make amends on your behalf. And trust me, the universe always succeeds.

It makes you miss your twin like crazy. You’re unable to focus on anything or anyone else. There comes a time, when you give in and surrender to your twin’s love.

Moreover, Twin flames communicate with each other through telepathy. Telepathy enables them to tap into each other’s subconscious and alter moods and behaviours.

Whenever your twin is immensely missing you, you’ll feel an intense feeling of lovesickness, courtesy telepathy. It’s unbelievable how powerful the human mind becomes when love fuels it.

Twin flames’ missing each other is a common phenomenon. It hits you like a truck. No one can help you elude this feeling, and no one should.

In the absence of this feeling, you’ll never have the right motivation to be with your lover.

One thing that you can do to appease your inundating emotions is by not resisting. What makes the whole process a lot more painful is when instead of accepting your current state, you try to fight it. We should never do that.

Everything is happening for a reason. Acceptance is the first step towards eternal love. What you should do instead is try to process how you feel when you’re lovesick.

Understanding your emotions and mapping them is the best way to reach a higher understanding.

Remember, twin flame love is the best form of love there ever is. You don’t want to waste your time resisting it.

We’re mortals. We can’t afford not to accept true love when it comes knocking on our door. We have to embrace it with open arms and let it shape us into better human beings.