The end of one life and the initiation of the new life don’t end the first life completely. There are so many things a soul has to do to complete its goal on earth.

Often, few years of this world of one lifetime are not enough to complete all the goals. The soul has to reincarnate again and again to achieve its aim. Lots of work is needed to complete life’s objective.

It is quite common that past life events can show up in our present moments. It impacts our daily life; it even affects the relationships. Same is the case with the twin flame connection.

The twin flame relationship is nothing like an ordinary relationship and requires a lot of effort. The engraving of the events on souls is quite prominent and affects the world of the person directly.

In a twin flame relationship, these carvings often become a major source of twin flame separation or reunion. This effect doesn’t last for one life only but continues for many lives afterwards.

When you are in a twin flame relationship, there’s always a past life karma between you both. That karma produces its effect on the current relationship with your twin.

It could be the reason of the repelling between you and your twin – when this happens, clearing past life energies becomes highly essential which eventually leads to a reunion.

Your past life with your twin will undoubtedly haunt you if you don’t heal yourself. Healing is essential as it removes the pain you have encountered in the last life.

The primary work of the twin flame in your life is to lead you towards soul growth and to complete that task; your twin flame could reach any level; they would do it even if it requires to hurt you or entirely to shatter you in the process. Some people also say that their twin was responsible for killing them physically in the past life.

Just imagine, how it is possible to unite with the soul that turns out to be your killer in some other life? Can you trust a person who had betrayed you many times previously? Naturally, when the history is terrible, it becomes tough for the person to accept the twin.

But, if your twin isn’t hurting you this time, it means that he or she is here to teach you essential life lesson by being together with you. Thus, to merge your soul with your twin, you need to forget the past by clearing energies and healing.

A twin flame is a beautiful yet complicated relationship that has the primary aim of leading you towards spiritual awakening. The ascension process is not natural, and you need to learn so many things on the way to your final destination.

It is important to practice those exercises that would allow you to remove the negative energies of the past and accept your present as it is.