We know that twin flames reunite on earth and many are seeking to find their twin flame, I will discourage you to not to seek your twin flame, if your not meant to reunite, your search can be endless. However if you desire to meet your twin flame, then you have to be prepared for them.

Before twin flames reunite, there is some emotional/karmic baggage that needs to be cleared up. [wp_ad_camp_4]Be prepared for this, all your spiritual work and healing work is going to be vital here, heal from your past wounds because when you meet your twin flame they are going to flare up, as twin flames are mirrors, it will be reflected in your twin flame.


Twin flame Reunion Phase

Once all the twin flame karmic residue is cleared, twin flame reunion can take place, that is if you are meant to be with your twin flame in this life. Once the healing and lower vibrational energy cycles has ended, it will feel like you have pulled the plug on all your physical, psychic and mental energy. The heart chakra will pull you towards your twin flame.twin flames reunite

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Activating the Sacral Chakra

Once the healing phase is completed you may get visions of your twin flame, it will feel good because you know that the other half of your soul is near. I saw my twin flame before meeting them, eventually the meeting took place, your sacral chakra will ignite urging you to be with them. Then the kundalini will awaken, depending on the situation you are in, the kundalini awakening might be gradual or very intense, this indicates that you are ready to merge and return to oneness with your souls other half.

Twin flame Re connection sex warning

Many are searching about the twin flame sexual union, and rightly so, we all want a complete connection with someone we love, and twin flames are no different. Just a little warning that this connection can be very powerful and consuming. There other aspects when two souls unite again to look into to make the twin flame relationship complete. However this energy can raise the vibration as twin flames emerge as divine love.

Confusing Divine love with human love

One of the confusion in spiritually conscious people is the difference between divine love and human love. I would like to point out that human love does not compare in any way to divine love. Twin flames will reunite on earth and come to love each other the way universal Source loves us.

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3 Signs When Twin Flames Reunite


Energy becomes Flat

As time comes near to reunite, your energy may become flat, but in a good way. Because all that matters is to be with your twin flame, being close to them, holding them and being held in divine space. Its senseless to look for your twin flame because you desire to have the perfect sex.


When twin flames reunite as spiritual leaders

Twin flames have served as spiritual leaders in their past lives. They are here to serve humanity as divine love. So the purpose when twin flames reunite is not sex, however sex is sacred energy that binds them together. The main purpose of twin flames is to lead humanity to a new way of living as source intended.


Its important to clear any karmic baggage, if you want to meet your twin flame, you have to be prepared and be ready. Many believe this is some sort of sexual union, although is sexual connection is part of the process, its not the twin flames purpose. Have you noticed any of these signs when you have met your twin flame? Please share your journey with us, we love hearing from you.