Sometimes, twin flames meet under unfortunate circumstances. They’re already in a relationship or bound by marriage.

They feel hopeless and mentally distraught in such a situation. It’s understandable, and it’s not a rare occurrence. More and more people nowadays feel as if they’ve lost their twin flame to another person.

But trust me, have hope! The energy between you and your twin flame is immaculately high even at a time like this. Your twin flame can have a change of heart and can choose you over their spouse because he or she can’t deny the insane magnetic pull between you two.

However, there’s a right way to approach this tricky plight of twin flames separated by marriage. You are well aware that your options are limited if your twin flame is already married.

You can either choose to have an affair, or you can hope that your twin flame gets a divorce — putting your trust in lady luck. Each of these options has their associated risks.

If you choose the first option, you might ruin your relationship with your twin flame because you might coerce them to divorce their spouse and that could create complications between you two.

If you choose the second option, you might end up waiting for something that might never happen. Twin flames separated by marriage could cause endless suffering and perturbation.

If none of these scenarios brings a positive result for you, then you have to understand the reasons why a divine power sent your twin flame your way in such untoward times. Most of the times, twin flames come into our lives to teach us an invaluable lesson.

They might appear in your life out of the blue to make you reflect on a particular aspect of your life that needs resolution. Maybe your twin flame is there to make you realise that you’re spending your life with the wrong person and selling yourself short.

We find ourselves stuck in obsolete concepts of loyalty in marriages. Even if we don’t feel anything with our spouse, we still carry on in a marriage lacking vigour and intensity, because we’re not loyal to our spouse, but to the concept of loyalty.

It holds us captive and stops us from taking the courageous step of ending a marriage that is draining us emotionally. This behaviour hampers our spiritual progress to eternal bliss.

Take the helm and preserve your freedom to fail. Twin flames in flailing marriages should step out of their hell-holes and realise how lucky they are to have met each other at all.

Not many people get that opportunity. They shouldn’t let fear hinder their path towards unity. People think it’s amoral to get divorced, but that’s just primitive thinking. If it’s not working out, and you have a twin flame waiting on the ropes, you run towards them without hesitation.

Humans should always travel towards a path which leads them to their twin flames despite the insurmountable odds. Because isn’t that what we’re here for? To find the love we truly deserve? , And to find solace in our twin flame’s warmth. This is how you navigate the troublesome road of twin flames separated by marriage.

Photo by Blake Connally on Unsplash