Twin Flames Spiritual Connection And Inner Wisdom

There are many who say our inner spiritual connection is blissful, the same is true with twin flames spiritual connection. When we connect with our twin flame, our connection is revered; it’s an exquisite connection to our inner soul. Our twin flames are our mirrors, since the soul was split into two connecting with our twin makes our soul connection to be much more profound.

There is more to the twin flames spiritual connection, energy wise there is the masculine and feminine, so the connection is different for each twin flame.



The Difference Between Male/Female Twin Flames Spiritual Connection

The female half wishes to talk about the connection openly, but talking about this connection is very difficult for the male, for many past lives he has been living less in his feelings. Most often the man knows that his woman can read him and he doesn’t like feeling very vulnerable around her.twin flames spiritual connection

What the man should realize is that by allowing himself to be one with his feelings, he would also be able to read her, and she would feel vulnerable as well. Conflicts between twin flames develops because the female wants an emotional reaction from their male counterpart and for some reason the male is not ready to open up.

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Women are more in tune with their feelings, so they tend to push things instead of letting go. Women act directly on their feelings because they wanting an emotional outcome of what they feeling.twin flames spiritual connection 1


What we don’t know is that as male and female, we are more alike than we think. We all have either male or female energies within us and if we can achieve an inner balance within ourselves then we can understand each other more clearly.


And we would have less misunderstanding between men and women. Most of the time we don’t see clearly with our eyes compared to the eyes of our souls.

The female twin carries the fruit of the twin flame union, but this doesn’t mean the male don’t posses wisdom. If men were to surrender to their inner female, they would get access to the inner wisdom within.
The male half does need the emotional and spiritual insight of his own inner female. If twin flames have been separated for many lives and have many wounds in them due to past lives, it can be very difficult for him to open up and accept the knowledge offered to him by his female half and his inner female.

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It’s a question of inner balance. It’s very important to know that it’s not possible from the human point of view to control the twin flame process. What you can control as a soul is yourself.



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