Many people ask; how are twin flames around each other? Twin flame alignment brings about spiritual and emotional reforms in those involved.

Twin flames aren’t ordinary lovers, their spark is eternal and their energies, when together, are at a spiritual zenith. Let us analyse how twins transform each other when they’re together.

Divine Familiarity

When twin flames meet, there is instant recognition. It’s ridiculous how a moment can change your entire life. Twin flames recognise each other from the moment their eyes align.

The sound, the touch and the silence, everything seems familiar; it makes sense. You feel as if their smile is a godsend.

This godly familiarity can be attributed to the fact that twin flames have spent many lifetimes together. Memories of a past life instantly resurface on the reunion in the physical world.

Instant Love

I know, I’m a being a bit cliché and highly unoriginal with the “Love at first sight” phrase. But trust me, for twin flames, there’s no other pattern of falling in love. It starts from the very beginning and lasts till eternity. Even in estrangement, they hopelessly stay in love.

Meeting under unbelievable circumstances

What makes love compelling? Yes, Extraordinary circumstances! Often, twin flames report that they met by chance or by mere coincidence.

But, nothing is accidental in the grand scheme of the Universe. The universe adorns love with the X-factor by making it unpredictable. Otherwise, it would be bland and dreary.

Separated yet together

Let me make this clear; no power can keep twins apart. On the contrary, every hidden force in the universe conspires to bring them together.

It works deviously to keep their love afloat. Many times, twins separate from each other because of fears and insecurities, but sooner rather than later, they’re bound to overcome these differences and reunite with each other.


Twin flames can communicate with each other even if oceans separate them. Telepathy is their magical smartphone device.

Have you ever felt extremely lovesick for no reason? Well, it might be because your twin is trying to reach out to you or missing you dearly.

Give meaning to life

Twins bring purpose and meaning to our lives. They propel us towards spiritual awakening. They extricate us from our spiritual plateaus, far away from the materialistic dump of our lives.

They instil in us the ability to love without constraints.

So, how are twin flames around each other? Beyond magical! Everything falls perfectly into place for them; it’s all so natural and spontaneous.

Sure, they have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, nothing can break them. In a world filled with fleeting romances, their love crushes the relentless tide of time.

Twin flame telepathy during separation

Telepathy is a magical ability which enables lovers to transmit their thoughts and feelings through an abstract mind bridge. Twin flames are the kings and queens of telepathy.

Love is one thing that strengthens telepathy, and we all know, for a fact, that there isn’t a love in the world more powerful than the one which inflames two twins.

It doesn’t matter if miles separate them; all they need to tap into each other’s subconscious is telepathy. Trust me; telepathy is a genuine phenomenon. Its existence is irrefutable.

All twin flame relationships go through a rocky period. They must go through a phase of estrangement to resolve their differences and emotional conflicts to reunite with each other.

This stage of a twin flame relationship is called the twin flame runner-chaser phase. One twin desperately chases, while the other persistently evades the attempts of reunion.

However, even during this period, twin flames have such a deep-seated connection that they can communicate with each other, utilising the powers of telepathy.

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