3 Types Of Lightworkers Changing Our Reality

Lightworker is a very prominent term, describing someone who commits their life to make this world a better place. Lightworker has a spiritual connection, so someone who is a healer or energy worker can be tagged as a lightworker. The opposite of lightworker is darkworker.

However many don’t agree with this categorization because they believe it’s impossible to break up human beliefs into just two, because our human condition is constant and can never be categorized, so essentially a lightworker may do something selfish and a darkworker might do something good.

Whether we can categorize or not, these individuals do exist. Here are some insights on types of lightworkers you may encounter.


3 Types of lightworkers

The Darkworker Rebel.

This type of lightworker identifies themselves with the archetype rebel, they are rebelling against the societal norm, they are against anything good, they are religious but accept the dark side, they could be satanist and worship the positive adaptation of lucifer. Some are professing their freedom from religion and have no interest in any spiritual ways.types of lightworkers

Attachment to negative alien entities.

We know that negative astral entities exist, some darkworkers have attachments to these entities. These entities influence many people, leading them to create more negative energy in our world. Fortunately these negative beings don’t seem to influence us much, they just feed of any negativity that exists within us. These darkworkers rely heavily on these negative entities for their purpose and mission and believe their way is the only and right way.


Negative Darkworkers (Fear based).

These darkworkers like to fill them self up with negativity, especially fear. This allows them to do whatever they wanted to do, they also have a reason behind their actions. For most it’s just they want power over others and not personal power.types of lightworkers 2

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What really does lightworking mean?

To begin with lightworkers will find their path difficult and slow, but there is a great reward at the end, whilst darkworkers might find quick results with undesirable endings. We as human being have an amazing capacity to do great, darkworkers may believe that they are very satisfied with the powers they manage. Love, purpose and true happiness comes from the power of light.

Have you encountered different types of lightworkers?

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