Uncovering the Twin Flame Journey

Being on the Twin Flame Journey sets us on the most beautiful spiritual path. As one soul two bodies, when the twin flames meet, their world is shaken.

But the journey isn’t just about the meeting. It’s about going through a journey of healing and ascending into our better selves, a trip that we can complete if we try hard enough.


The universe is energy in motion. Everything around us and within us is atoms vibrating at specific energy frequencies. As we go through our lives, we must remember that energy interacts with what resonates with it, whether this is circumstances, people, or experiences.

Being stressed makes your vibration in resonance more difficult. Clearing out all the negative emotions will bring you in resonance with positive things. As twin flames, shifting our energies into a more positive path will lift us away from all the Twin flame struggles and separation problems.

What we focus on is what we will receive. So, we should shift our focus from all the running and separation and keep these struggles away from this journey. These struggles don’t have to be part of the connection.

Emotions and feelings are also energy. When we are going through a negative feeling, we tend to focus on it instead of just clearing it up. Sometimes we react to the negative emotional energy around us. But it’s important to remember that any negative feeling is only there to be cleared up.

The journey of the twin flames depends on the purging of all negative energy to make space for the positive energy of unconditional love. A bad mood will bring pain and then blame into the journey which results in old energy emerging. A negative influence tends to travel between the twins as their souls merge but it can all be cleared up.


Although the journey is hard and probably confusing at times, it will enable you to get in touch with who you truly are and will remind you of your higher purpose on earth. The twin flames share a genuine spiritual connection, and that is not an illusion.

There will be a constant reminder of this connection in your life, and you will feel it deep within, even if you are not yet united with your twin. As you accept the power of this deep connection, you will understand that separation is only an illusion.


You will start facing things within yourself, things that need some working out.

As you are always reminded of this connection, you will start healing all your emotional wounds until you ascend to a world of positive energy.

Being with your twin flame can put you in bliss, and you will share an unconditional love. Then, you will both work to put any negative feelings, like guilt or shame, aside. You will be ultimately connected to this one person who will remind you to spread the love within and outwards.

A twin flame is a healer. Although the twin flame journey is not an easy one, it is necessary to reach a higher spiritual path to help others. It is a chance to honour your heart.


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