Destiny Number 3 people are born to be creative and to express this on Earth in some way. The arts appeal to them for this reason, it is their ultimate joy to create, it can be art, music, writing, preforming, anything that allows them to express their feelings in a physical manner.

It is your path to follow your dream and be expressive in some way. Don’t be discouraged to follow your path, it may show up in a way you may not expect, it could be a love of cooking, or even website design, the trick for Destiny Number 3’s is to follow your dreams, this is what will make you happy.

Destiny Number 3 beings are usually very well placed in the universe, this gives them unlimited luck, having an accident or loosing money is rare for them. They are multi talented, excelling when they do follow their dreams, this advances them spiritually, and makes them shine, giving them a very attractive nature.

Destiny Number 3 Characteristics

Destiny Number 3’s are optimistic and responsible, they have natural talent for many things and make charming and loyal friends. They can withstand large amounts of stress and pressure due to their energetic stamina and strong bodies.

Like 1′, 3’s make great leaders, mostly because they do it in such a humble way and don’t seek to be famous or the one in the limelight. Because of Destiny Number 3’s magnetic personality, they are never short of supporters and friends, they make fantastic conversationalists.

destiny number 3

They have a real lust for life and this inspires and motivates those around them. If you are lucky enough to be invited to the home of a Destiny Number 3, you will find them generous, warm heated and they will be happy to share their home comforts with you.

Positives and Negatives Associated with Destiny Number 3

Money flows freely into the lives of Destiny Number 3’s, because of this it is important for them to learn to live in moderation, and to resist the urge to overindulge.

Good fortune follows 3’s and because of this people often want to follow them, however they like to stay a bit unattached, allowing them to focus on career and make their dreams a reality first. The flip side of this Destiny Number 3 trait is they don’t like to feel obligated, preferring to keep their independence, as this is what makes them most proud of who they are.

The one weakness they have is sex, they are so charming that others find them irresistible, and exciting. But be too clingy or become boring and a 3 will have no problem trading you for the next willing admirer that comes their way.

Destiny Number 3 souls will hamper their spiritual growth if they become selfish, it is 3’s nature to follow the universal law of flow, give to receive serves them in this matter. 3’s never need to waste time worrying over silly matters, the most important thing they should care for are the people who love them, everything else will fall beautifully into place.


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