Understanding Our Psyche In Aquarius

Psyche in Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign, ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution, surprises and innovation, they run from the 21st of January to the 19th of February. Don’t expect psyche in Aquarius to care what you think of them, they are far to busy thinking and formulating new ideas to make the best of each new opportunity that comes their way. Psyche in Aquarius prefers to be alone with their partner when basking in love, they need to be acknowledged for their uniqueness and refuse to compete for love.


Her Psyche In Aquarius Let’s Take A Lookpsyche in aquarius 3

The psyche in Aquarius woman can be very zen in her powerful, yet pure approach to love. She has a very analytical brain, and needs to know that you are the real deal, this is why she is known to take her time in the game of love, slowly and deliberately sorting fact from fiction. Psyche in Aquarius is seen as the Druidess of all romance, she is very independent and will not allow anyone, but the “right man” to take her heart. He personal power comes from her rejection of being anyone but her “true self”.

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Psyche in Aquarius yearns for a true companion, one that goes beyond the call of being supportive, someone who proves they are really all hers. Don’t expect her to take any crap or games from any man, she will be completely honest and will call you out on any of that. Psyche in Aquarius will love you eternally if you are the strong man she desires, one who can allow her to be the complicated and powerful woman she is.

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Now For His Psyche In Aquariuspsyche in aquarius 2

The psyche in Aquarius man has one main stipulation in his selection in a mate, she must be independent. This is because you really can’t tie an psyche in Aquarius man down, they need their freedom to socialize with their friends and a woman who does try to control him will never make him happy.He has specific taste in music, and this is important to him, if you give him a song to listen to that he really does not like, then he will take this as a sign that you don’t know him at all.


Psyche in Aquarius man needs to know that you are the one to stimulate his mind, this is what will bring him home to you after a night out with his friends. He loves woman and sees himself as a connoisseur of the female psyche and eccentricity. If you are a smart and clever thinker a woman ahead of the rest then he will find you very desirable indeed. But don’t try the usual tricks of seduction on this psyche in Aquarius man, he needs you to use your brain and surprise him with your prowess.

If you can challenge his way of seeing something into a new way of being he will be delighted and in awe of you. So yes, he can be a romantic player if he wants, but his true need and hearts desire is a woman who turns his mind on and can be his equal first, that is the key to being with the psyche in Aquarius man.

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Psyche In Aquarius Conclusionpsyche in aquarius 1

Known as the water bearer the psyche in Aquarius person are often very generous with their time and resources, they care about others welfare and can be a true and loyal friend. The word connection is at the core of the psyche in Aquarius, they are challenged by emotional intimacy and the empathic aspect of love. They need this to be happy in love, without it they can not trust, achieve this and the sky is the limit on your love.


Often on the surface psyche in Aquarius people don’t show their emotions, but show them your authentic self and in time they will prove to you that with tolerance and patience that they are beautiful and emotional beings worth loving.


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