The fourth sign of the zodiac is Cancer, it runs from the 22nd of June to the 22nd of July, psyche in Cancer are known to be quite inconsistent, as they seek security but also long for adventure.

Often with the psyche in Cancer, it is hard to know what they are thinking, they are often really unpredictable.

They are natural at nurturing and can play the mother, this is mostly seen with their partners but not everyone else, but they do go to great lengths to make their partners happy.

Her Psyche In Cancer Let’s Take A Look

Psyche in Cancer is a very emotional woman, being a water sign she holds very complex and deep emotions close to her heart.

If you want to unlock her beautiful nurturing soul then you need to really prove to her that you are thoughtful and aware of her needs.

There is no way you can penetrate her hard shell unless you are worthy of her love if you can show her your gentle self she will open up her sensual side and you can unlock her passion and need for sexual exploration of herself.

Sex without deep love is off the cards for the psyche in Cancer woman, for her emotional self to engage with you you need to treat her like your Queen, as she truly is Queen of hearts.

Strangely enough, she can be a bit of a chameleon, changing into any guise that works for the situation she is in.

Psyche in Cancer woman is highly intuitive, emotionally charged and it is most important to her that her lover cherish her emotional power, because that is really what it is. She has tremendous energy.psyche in cancer 1

Now For His Psyche In Cancer

The psyche in the Cancer man is affiliated with the Goddess Psyche, this allows him a direct link to the feminine soul.

He will treat you very well because to him you are very precious, this is a manifestation of his ability to also be a natural caregiver.

His subconscious mind drives him to find absolute security, as far back as his time in his mother’s womb, unfortunately, this trait working in the negative makes him prone to being a real womanizer.

The psyche in the Cancer man puts the relationship with his mother above all else, it plays a very important part in unlocking his romantic and sexual self.

He seeks a woman who is soft and very loving, he needs to be loved unconditionally and needs his lady to be both caring to children and animals, it is also his desire to be ignited by her artistic and spontaneous creativity.psyche in cancer 2

Psyche In Cancer Conclusion

There is a true similarity between the crab and psyche in Cancer, they both carry their shells on their back for protection and security.

At the center of them is a deep well of emotions and sensitivity, coupled with their strong sexuality they make for dynamic partners indeed.

This deepwater sign also has a very interesting mysterious side to them, this makes them romantic and beautifully nurturing and quite sentimental.

When the psyche in Cancer falls in love, watch out for a massive romantic explosion of flowers, love notes, and special time together, these water signs want the whole deal.

Do be patient with them, as their over-sensitivity often makes them act quite possessive and they tend to be jealous easily.

They need that security in a relationship and find it by being yours and only yours, they love to cuddle and kiss, they are super tactile.

Psyche in Cancer likes being needed, they are also brave, protective, and very courageous, if their needs are not met they tend to be reserved, a bit moody, and sometimes very shy.