Libra are the diplomatic 7th sign of our zodiac, they run from September 24th to the 23rd of October. They are very ambitious and work hard to support their expensive taste.

Today we will make a study about just what makes Libra tick. Both sexes take care of their attractive features and are flirtatious and charming.

They are addictive to be around, as they win your heart by their refined and gentle ways. You will not find them being directly aggressive, but go to far and their temper is flammable.

This is why balance is essential and their need for harmony (sometimes at any cost) is the reason for their hard to pin down nature.

A Look At Psyche In Libra For Herpsyche In libra 4

There is just something so very “Pink” about the Libra woman. Give her pink flowers to nourish her sweet little girly girl nature.

She is a dreamer and needs the room to explore her own thoughts while sometimes appearing detached from her heart.

Her love fantasies often remain just that, she is not always equipped to take action in love games. She does have an erotic sophistication about her, sometimes intimidating potential lovers.

The Libra woman requires a lover to match her own worldliness and depth. She is proud and needs to be deeply respected and loved.

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She is a paradox this woman, she loves being the center of attention but wants the room cleared as soon as she is summonsed by her thoughts and needs time alone.

His Psyche In Librapsyche In libra 2

The Libra man loves beautiful surroundings with refined music serenading him.

Amazing beautiful music is a delight for the psyche in Libra male, it allows him to tap into his love of all beautiful things while, allowing him to keep his emotional distance from you.

A beautiful and mysterious woman really turns his head.

He has a short attention span when it comes to woman and needs you to keep the air of anticipation about you to keep his attention.

Sometimes his actions show him to be more in love with the idea of love, than really being in love.

It is laziness on their part as they can’t be bothered with the small things, and are always aiming for the big picture in love.

It takes a almost unattainable, perfectly elegant and intelligent woman to keep a Libra man looking her way. So stay a few steeps ahead of this guy and keep your mysterious quality he desires so deeply.

Concluding Psyche In Libra

These diplomatic, socially refined, likeable and artistic Libra love a partner who is super beautiful.

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They love the ideal sexual fantasy of a mate, sometimes ignoring any flaws they may have, to indulge the relationship.

They have a strong need to be partnered up and are very generous to all those they like to keep around them. Being alone makes them very unhappy indeed.

It is not uncommon for them to marry too young to accommodate this need.

Safety and comfort for the psyche in Libra is being in a committed relationship, who they often win arguments with because they refuse to give in.

Ruled by Venus they are constantly judging the value of everything, weighing up their options is their prime skill.