Psyche in Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, the Fish rules the House of Unconscious and runs from the 20th of February to the 20th of March.

This goes a long way in understanding the dreamy nature of psyche in Pisces, their desire to frequently escape reality, and their mysterious inner life.

The psyche in Pisce’s mind has a lot of delicious secrets stored there, just waiting to be shared when the right person beckons.

When they are in a more conscious state with their feet back on Earth, they make wonderful friends, being selfless, intuitive, and really good listeners.

Her Psyche In Pisces Let’s Take A Lookpsyche In pisces 2

Her psyche in Pisces woman is sensitive and mysterious, she also has a very sexy side, she is the Love Princess and the most romantic of all signs.

Psyche in Pisces may pretend to be jaded in love, but don’t let that fool you, she just needs to know that you acknowledge her sensitivities.

As a child she had many dreams that are just as important now as they were then, she is compassionate and blessed with the gift of unconditional love and kindness.

Don’t ever underestimate the woman born with the psyche in Pisces, she is the sign most capable of reinvention, even if she projects vulnerability, she will always be happy inside.

Can you be sensitive enough to see beyond her front and depth of personality to love her deeply and nurture the sweetheart and delicate dreamy woman she is.

Now For His Psychepsyche In pisces 3

The psyche in Pisces man is motivated by all things sexy, he openly flirts and can be quite naughty and raunchy himself.

Strangely enough, he wants the impossible woman, she has to be hard to get but also the vixen, he wants her to be innocent but also experienced.

He has a fantasy in his dreamy head that is almost too idealistic and often keeps him from forming real-life romance.

If you are the type of woman who is flexible but also strong enough to keep a grip on reality during the forever changing projections of the psyche in Pisces man, then you will be generously rewarded with a man who will love you forever.

Psyche In Pisces Conclusion

The mysterious and secretive fish have a vibrant and happy inner life that few get to see or share.

The psyche in Pisces person has a deeply caring nature, and hate to see others upset. Many of their relationships are based on and can be characterized by big emotions, sensitivity, and imagination.

They are spiritual and combine the surreal with the real, this catapults their romance and love into a hyper state where almost anything can happen.

Not everyone can understand the psyche in Pisces and their underlying passion and compassion, sometimes this makes them hard to get to know.

Their emotions are strong and often quite erotic if you know how to release them.

This water sign flows like a river and can be very alluring if you can be aware of their feelings you can have a love that can transcend any boundaries.