Understanding Our Psyche In Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the 9th zodiac sign, they run from November 23 to December 22. The Archer rules the house of Philosophy and are well known for having a very positive out look on life. The psyche in Sagittarius being is also intensely focused on knowing their lover and always seeks the truth. Their bright character allows them to mix with and meet many people, often being reckless and crazy but at the same time exuding charm, this can show this social butterfly in quite a flirty light.


Her Psyche In Sagittarius Let’s Take A Lookpsyche in sagittarius 1

Our psyche in Sagittarius woman is very Eco conscious and can take quite a political stand in protecting her green environment if need be. It is important for her to be loved for who she is and for her partner to accept this, she needs to be the adventuress and free spirited lady she is. Often you will find our psyche in Sagittarius beauty reverting back to childhood ways, adults often” don’t get her”, if you do and allow he to play then she will be tickled pink to be in your company. She is a wild child at heart, who would go off and do something random, just to enjoy the bliss of a stolen moment. Are you the type of visionary wanderer that can steal the psyche in Sagittarius ladies heart?

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Now For His Psyche In Sagittariuspsyche in sagittarius 2

Our loud rock’n’roll loving, free spirited psyche in Sagittarius man, sees himself as quite sexy as well as spiritual. If you are the kind of woman that can blow his mind by expanding his horizons, but also remain almost unaffected and unencumbered, then you are the one for him. He wants to see you go crazy having fun, relating to anyone and everyone and being as free as he is. Our psyche in Sagittarius man wants to whisk you away on adventures at a moments notice, leave any manipulating behavior behind as this is a major turn off for him.


Psyche In Sagittarius Conclusionpsyche in sagittarius 3

The psyche in Sagittarius is known for pursuing pleasure. The half horse half man, centaur from mythology, was always known as a straight shooter who desires their partner to be their physical and mental equal. They have a keen sense of loyalty and it is important that their partner be deserving of them, taking great lengths to no become possessive or boring. Don’t make this mistake or you will be out on your ear.


Psyche in Sagittarius yearns for their soul mate, someone as well read on Philosophy to sex as they are, they are not afraid to practice what they preach. Their love of travel and new things means they have a large number of friends, often all over the world, they are fun to be around and always the perfect party host. If you are someone who is philosophically-oriented, worldly, free-spirited and ethnically-diverse then the psyche in Sagittarius is waiting for you, with their help you can be the person you were always meant to be.

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