The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus, the psyche in Taurus is very grounded and as devoted as an Earth sign can be, they run from the 21st of April to the 21st of May, these beings can never be considered as boring as they are true to themselves and will always stand up for what they believe in.

It is true that the psyche in Taurus can be stubborn and can often procrastinate, but this is their grounding showing trough, they are also hard workers.

They are drawn to those that find them attractive and they also are pulled to those that show them love as this appeals to their loving nature.

They can be very romantic and often quite sentimental, they love animals and have very big hearts.

Her Psyche In Taurus Let’s Take A Lookpsyche in taurus

The psyche in Taurus is often very attached to her feelings of love, sometimes this can come out the wrong way and they can be a bit possessive.

The upside of this is that they are very loyal to the one they love and monogamy is always the best for the Bull.

The psyche in Taurus is very sensual, being ruled by the Planet Venus makes her very alluring indeed.

She is attracted to the way he smells and loves the feel of his skin on hers, she is into the carnal pleasures of life in a big way.

If there is no initial spark then she may back off completely, but make her feel secure and you will find she is a sexual volcano waiting to erupt.

Now For His Psyche In Tauruspsyche in taurus 2

Psyche in Taurus men are very into Earthly pleasures and adore a close relationship and intimacy with their special someone.

He can be very passionate and lusty, this caters to his Earthy and sensual nature. If you give him the right signals you will have a beautiful lover all to yourself.

If you are there for him and treat him well your love will blossom, he needs an easy-going, and not too independent woman, he needs to be wanted by you.

Even if the psyche in Taurus man has played the field in the past, he longs for a committed and stable relationship, this is where you will find him at his most settled and happy self.

Once you are committed and happy he will not look anywhere else for love, just be there for him and give him plenty of affection and love.

Psyche In Taurus Conclusion

The Bull was chosen for Taurus for the signs organized and relaxed nature, just don’t poke the Bull or they will have you running for cover.

Psyche in Taurus can spot “fake” a mile off, you really need to be genuine in your intentions to make the grade as a friend or lover.

All Earthly pleasures appeal to the psyche in Taurus, yet they can also do with less and often don’t really want or need for anything.

They sometimes do go for a more luxurious way of life, they are happy to work hard to achieve this.

They are attracted to stability and are usually slow to anger but upset them and they will go off, this is why they need and crave good honest people in their lives.

Once you get the psyche in Taurus to commit you will have them by your side for a long time, they are reliable and honest and make sturdy partners.

It is hard for them to leave a relationship and will really drag their feet, but if they feel taken for granted or not appreciated for a length of time then they will be gone in a cloud of dust.