Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign, they are often the ones who are the most psyche orientated (August 22- September 23) Here we are going to talk about the human psyche in Virgo for both woman and men.

We often find our Virgo friends and indeed ourselves if we fall under this sign, analyzing everything to the very end.

This is due to them wanting to get the very best from their lives, themselves, and those around them, often coming off as being overly critical.

Her psyche in Virgo let’s take a lookpsyche in virgo 3

Virgo woman are very Earth orientated, often being attracted to anything that is green. She feels everything very deeply and really is the total “Earth Mother”.

Psyche in Virgo is very sexy when she feels loved and when she knows you want her for more than “just good sex” you will unlock all her fantasies and often your own.

The Virgo Woman is super sensual and erotic once you know her and can give her the keys to unlock her passion.

If you can take the time to nurture her needs and relax her worries, with a genuine love and understanding of her thoughts (maybe by remembering a special detail you both shared in times passed) then you will of enticed the Virgo Woman to love you like no other.

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Now for his psyche in Virgopsyche in virgo 2

Virgo Men are very detail-driven. It takes an intelligent Woman to understand this and if you want this man, it takes a very smart woman to decipher and accommodate these needs.

A psyche in Virgo man needs to know that the details that matter to him, are the details you pay attention to.

The root of this is that he needs to know that you pay real attention to him, this shows him that you care deeply about him.

He loves a classy, intelligent woman who has grace and an almost effortless way about her.

If you can understand a complicated theory and draw a smart conclusion without a huge fuss, then you will have his full attention and he will desire you forever.

The Virgo man is often very private and desires his mate to be clean living, discreet, and have sound morals.

Psyche in Virgo conclusionpsyche in virgo 1

The Maiden was picked to represent Virgo for the serene and pure qualities they exude. Both Virgo in psyche woman and men are often very calm when you first meet them, but really they are a ball of activity in their own heads.

Always assessing, analyzing…thinking constantly, they find it hard to shut this off.

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They care deeply for the Earth and are good at growing and making something from nothing. They are full of skills and very detail-obsessed, they can produce very beautiful things indeed.

As long as they know they are loved and needed then they are happy to spend time alone. They are very helpful and sympathetic when needed and good listeners.

They are well-considered when making a decision due to there fabulous analytic skills.