Have you ever felt so connected to someone else that it seemed unearthly? Like it wasn’t just your bodies or minds that connected, but your soul too?

Have you ever shared a bond with someone that it shook you and made you feel things you’ve never felt before?

Did you ever have a relationship with someone that moved you so much that it changed you as a person? Well if you did, then it means you experienced what is called a soul connection.

Not every relationship you’ll have will be on a soul level. Soul connections are unique and here are some of the quintessential qualities that soul connections usually possess:

Synced Minds:

You’ll feel as if your mind is synchronous with your partner. You will often find yourselves completing each other’s sentences. You will be able to understand each other perfectly.

Not only will you share a great level of empathy but you will also be able to sense each other’s mood and thoughts without expressing them.

Powerful Intimacy:

You will share a level of intimacy that is beyond just physical. You will connect not only with your bodies but with your souls. You will fulfil each other spiritually.

The touch of your partner will bring peace to you instantly.

You’ll find that you are perfectly comfortable with them and don’t feel as though you have to act a certain way when you’re around them. You feel free to be yourself because you know you will not be judged.

Common Interests:

You and your soulmate will share common interests and ideas.

Therefore you will never be bored in each other’s company. Neither of you will stand as a hindrance towards the other’s goal but will, in fact, help each other pursue them.

Shared Perspectives:

Since you connect on a mental level too, therefore you’ll also share the same perspectives on most of the things.

You’ll feel as if both of you see the world through the same lens. This will also make both of you communicate easily because you perceive things similarly.


Soul connections will always result in the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the people involved. You will start to feel different, more mature.

You’ll start to learn and understand more. You will help each other deal with your flaws and become a better person.

You will feel as if you complete each other, and therefore you will find it very hard to live apart.

Why We Have Soul Connections:

Soul connections exist on a higher level. That instant bonding, the déjà vu feeling like you’ve met before, that instinct that suggests that destiny is at work, all that supports the fact that soul connections take place when two people who shared a deep bond died and got reincarnated.

In a lot of cultures, it is believed that destiny makes soul connections and that it is the continuation of the journey of two souls through different lives.

Even if the souls are momentarily separated, they will end up together again one way or another. They get pulled towards each other through a universal force.

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