Understanding twin flames and the journey they share is not easy.

The popularity of the concept has blown up in recent years, leading many to write down their take on it as fact.

The sheer amount of misinformation that spreads around the internet is astounding, and like a game of Chinese whispers, the critical information has been garbled beyond recognition.

For this reason, we have put together a short guide that should help you to understand what this type of partner is and why they are important.

Understanding The Twin Flame Connection

The connection that links twin flames is the most potent spiritual link two people can have.

It is due to the harmony of your separate energy fields interplaying.

The strength of this connection is the same principle that creates connections between different parts of yourself.

But that doesn’t mean that they are physically a part of you.

Some people and websites have spread the idea that twin flames are literally split from the same soul.

A concept like this would suggest that both partners have only half a soul until they meet, which is ridiculous.

Both have their unique soul, wholly indivisible.

The nugget of truth in that is that twin flames do share a soul – in a metaphorical sense.

It is actually the underlying pattern or soul blueprint that is shared, which causes the vibrational frequencies of both partners to be harmonic with each other.

It is what allows the high level of energy flow we see in these types of relationships.

Understanding The Twin Flame Mission

The mission that these relationships exist to serve is called the Universal Ascension Process.

In essence, it is the process of the universe, learning about itself through experiencing life.

We are just parts of the universe, so genuinely we are the universe experiencing life within itself.

For this mission to succeed, all of humanity must go through the ascension process with our twin flame.

It is projected to take quite a while, as not everybody meets theirs in every lifetime.

But on the scale of a single relationship, this isn’t the mission you should be concerned.

The point of this relationship is for you to experience it.

Because of the energy interactions between you, you will be faced with challenge after challenge and will improve as you move towards your best selves.

Your goal is not to “save humanity”, as some would have you believe.

It is to learn about yourself and your place in the universe, while spreading light and love in order to raise your own vibrations.

As a side effect, you may indeed contribute to the savior, ascension, and enlightenment of humanity – but that is not what you should be focussing.

Part of attaining enlightenment and ascension is understanding your place in the universe, as a small cog in a large piece of machinery that is moving towards a higher purpose.

And it will reach that higher purpose, one twin flame union at a time.

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