Understanding Your Own Destiny Number

Our Destiny number is often called our Expression number, it is a really important number for us to consider and explore. It is calculated by using your full birth name, it is worth noting that you can not use nicknames, creative ways of spelling your name, or any assumed names, only your birth name is to be used, the only exception is if your are adopted at birth, then the name given by your new parents is to be used.

Apply the name that is registered on your birth certificate, don’t use your married name or any changes you have made to your name, the name you were given at birth is significant and must always be used. Also, don’t use any extras on your name eg: Sr, Dr, Jr, lll etc that may be following your name.


What really is My Destiny Number

Your Destiny number is just that, it is the path which leads to your predetermined Destiny, the destination your life’s journey will take you to. Your Destiny number is also considered to be your lucky number, it is a life changing and all powerful number that your name resonates to.

This number is so special to you that it does decide your life purpose, your goals and the direction and blockages you will encounter and manifest as you live your life. It is good to have a broad guide that you can check out and see the challenges, lessons and opportunities coming your way.

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Time and time again we see those unhappy people are often the ones working against their Destiny number, instead of working with it. Having a heads up in life is really helpful, and that’s what knowing these numbers really is, this way you can make changes, adjust your views and set the goals that are achievable for you.

In knowing your Destiny number, it is as you hold the key to your own life guide, this is priceless information and vital for understanding the universe and yourself, your place in this amazing world.

What Will My Destiny Number Show Me

Breaking the Destiny number down, it shows you the tasks, jobs and projects that you are destined to complete in your life time. It shows you your potential, your talents are highlighted, your special and unique abilities, your personal shortcomings, and most importantly it reveals your inner goals that you were previously unaware of when you were born and embarked on this journey we call life.


Knowing what you must achieve to find happiness and to what your soul most aspires to become is what our souls are here to achieve. In numerology, if you are seeking love, harmony and the divine beauty in us all, then you need to follow your destiny number, this is the key to achieving all your soul and hearts desires.

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Understanding Destiny Number 2

In numerology there are nine main Destiny numbers (1 to 9) known as the Pythagorean numerology system, each with their own path, there are also master numbers (11, 22, 33) they are the double whammy ones, associated with excellence and people with a supreme amount of energy at their finger tips.

Calculating My Destiny Number

The calculation of your own Destiny number is very easy, to start check out the chart you can see here, there is a number assigned to each letter of the alphabet. Find the corresponding number for each letter of your first name, do each name separately, and reduce all numbers down to a single number. destiny number

For example Sarah Jane Smith, first we do Sarah 1+1+9+1+8=20=2, then Jane 1+1+5+5=12=3, then Smith 1+4+9+2+8=24=6, then add the three numbers 2+3+6=11, this is an example of a master number, we do not break the 11 down, but if it it were to add up to 13 then we would add 1+3 to find the Destiny number 4. We will be writing an article for each number, also an article for the three first master numbers.


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