Vega starseeds or vegans come from the constellation of Lyra to inhabit the brightest star in our sky Sirius. 

They are known to be highly artistic beings and some of them have occupied other planets in the universe. 

They are very talented beings and can be easily found as singers, musicians, artists.

They may be misunderstood by most due to their spiritual connection.

Many of them have a passion for traveling and exploring new places all over the world. 

Their mission is to help humanity evolve towards spiritual illumination. 

They are strongly committed to human progression, especially within the realms of human intelligence, awareness, and spirituality.

Vega Starseed Definition – Who They are

These star people have occupied many planets in the universe and are very intelligent beings, full of wisdom and love.

They have inherent qualities – they are very artistic, creative individuals with a lot of empathy towards others.

They also have an open mind about everything new and are always open to changes.

​Their minds are not limited by human theories, which makes them compassionate observers who love to see things from a different point of view.

They are very creative in terms of technology and design.

Vega starseeds have the ability to see energy or chakras, most of them are energy healers and have strong psychic abilities.

Vega starseeds are known for their wisdom, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Their most common psychic ability is clairaudience.

They also have the ability to see auras or energy fields.

What Do The Vega Starseeds Look like?

In the Sirius star system, these beings were known to have blue skin due to their suns radiance, they are known as the ”blue race”.

They are very attractive and beautiful souls with vivid imaginations, creative flair, and acute sensitivity.

They are also known to be very kind souls with strong psychic abilities.

Their skin is usually light blue or lavender in color, often with white or silver hair.

There are some vegan starseeds who are not humanoid but are insectoid like the reptilian race with greenish tinted skin, with large eyes.

If you are wondering if the vega starseeds have a connection with Sirians?

Most Vegans are not in alliance with the Sirians, however, there are some on earth who were manipulated and brainwashed into joining the Sirian group.

In human form, they have dark complexions with black hair and eyes.

Where Do The Vega Starseeds Come From?

Vega starseeds are originally from the brightest star system of the constellation Lyra, Vega.

They came to dominate and colonize the dog star, Sirius.

They were the first species to develop space travel and colonize other star systems.

There are groups of Vegan starseeds who came from other constellations such as Ursa Major, Pleiades, and Arcturus.

Vegan’s original planet on the constellation of Lyra was the brightest planet, but they went to colonize a variety of planets.

Some of them stayed on their planets and settled there while others came to earth for different purposes.

In the night sky, the Lyra constellation is visible with the naked eye.

Characteristics of Vega Starseed

Vegans are quite unique beings; they are full of love, creativity, and wisdom.

They are intelligent beings who like to help others by sharing their knowledge and experiences with them.

Vegan starseeds have an open mind about everything new especially when it comes to embracing other cultures.

Here is a list of important features and traits of Vegans:

Vegans are spiritually intense

When it comes to spirituality vegans use their feminine energy more.

They are more sensitive, empathetic, caring, and compassionate. They have a strong sense of justice and fair play.

Vegan healing technologies

They are highly intelligent individuals who like to learn new things. Vegans like to help people through healing energies and healing modalities.

They like to explore many different things such as healing crystals, Reiki healing, etc.

They also like to share their knowledge about healing with the rest of the world.

They are very helpful individuals who always want to make a difference in the world.

Vegans are creative beings

They have a lot of creative energy and think outside the box.

They have the ability to see future events just by thinking about it, they can also read people’s thoughts through their psychic abilities.

Their creative energies are always overflowing and they need to find a creative outlet where they can use their creativity.

They have a very vivid imagination

They have a vivid imagination and an open mind about everything new, which makes them highly creative beings.

They also have many different dreams and goals in their lives which they want to achieve.

They always want to explore and learn new things in life which makes them knowledgeable beings.

They Are Overflowing With Talents

These beings are very talented because they have very curious minds.

They are always willing to learn new things and embrace other cultures which make them very unique beings.

They Lack Consistency

What they lack is consistency and stability in their life.

They are very curious beings and they have a lot of creative energies which make them quite unique.

They also leave things incomplete or half done because of their lack of consistency.

Gypsy Hearts

They are passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures.

They love to travel and explore the world.

They also like nature and spending time in the wild, they feel most comfortable when they are surrounded by natural environments and wildlife.

Vega starseeds have a prominent heart chakra that is very big and open all the time.

Their hearts are always open for everyone because they are loving, empathetic, caring beings.


They are very determined and always up for a challenge in life.

They are not afraid of taking risks when it comes to reaching their goals in life.

When it comes to getting what they want, Vegans are very persistent beings.

They won’t stop at anything until they get what they want in this world. They will do just about anything to achieve their dreams in life.


Vegan starseeds are very empathic and most will do anything to help others.

They like to help people because they can understand how it feels when you’re in a bad place and need help.

So they always try to lend a helping hand whenever someone needs them.

Vegans also feel things other people do and that’s why they are empathic towards others.

Very Outgoing

Most vegans are extroverts.

They love being around people and spend a lot of time with their friends.

In fact, they enjoy socializing and hanging out with friends when they are not working.

Most vegans have a dominant personality which makes them very outgoing in nature.

Content & Peaceful

They are very happy with what they have in life.

They know that everything comes with time and they have to be patient for the things they want in their lives.

Vegans don’t like negative energy around them so they stay away from it as much as possible.

They are very peaceful beings who seek peace and happiness in life.

Over Active Imaginations

They tend to have an overactive imagination which makes them very creative beings.

They also have vivid imaginations which help in being very creative in everything they do in life.

This can be a gift or a problem for many vegans depending on how they use their imagination.

Creative and Restless

They always have a creative way to do things and handle situations otherwise they become restless.

They know what they want and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals in life.

Their minds are always busy thinking of ways on how they can make things better or easier for themselves.

Magnetic Personalities

These starseeds love being the center of attention because they love the spotlight.

They also know how to make people feel comfortable around them and can easily put a smile on someone’s face.

Around them, you’ll always find people laughing and having fun because they love making other people happy.

They’re very easy to be around, approachable, and loved by many because of their magnetic personalities.

Scientifically Minded

Many of them are talented in science and excel in the subject.

The scientific mindset of Vegans makes them very different from other starseeds out there who don’t think scientifically or logically about things.  

Vega Starseed Mission On Planet Earth

Their mission on earth is to understand themselves and heal the human race.

They are here to understand the spiritual realm, their connection with it, and how they can achieve balance in their lives.

Many of them also came to Earth to achieve healing which involves emotional, physical, psychological, or energetic healing.  

This is something they can do for themselves or for someone else who needs healing.  


Vegan starseeds are very loving, caring, and empathetic beings.

They will do anything to make their loved ones happy which is why they won’t take no for an answer when someone needs help in life.

Their mission here on Earth is about finding themselves and healing their past through emotional or energetic healing.

This makes them humanitarian by nature because they love helping others.

They are very easy to be around, approachable, and loved by many because of their magnetic personalities.

Overall, they have a special place in the spiritual realm and on Earth.