Vega Starseed: Vegan Starseed, as the name indicates, are from the star system Vega which is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. Vegans are evolved from Lyra to colonise Sirius.

On earth, they are incarnated in the humanoid form having dark skin with black hair.

Sometimes, they have copper tones as well.

Vega Starseed

Vegans have seeded many planets in our universe as they are highly skilled and creative.

They are very old souls as well. In their home planet, they appear as blue colour beings.

Their closest resemblance is Vulcans in Star Trek.

Traits of Vega Starseeds:

Many distinguishing features differentiate vegans from others.

They are a unique race with many qualities, but as nobody is perfect in their humanoid form, they have few problems as well.

Here are the major traits of vegans:

Self-satisfied and Confident:

Vegans are mainly self-satisfied. They trust their decisions and are very egoistic about them.

If we see overall, they are brave enough to make their own decisions and stand firm on them. Vegans are known for their confidence as well.


These starseeds are multi-talented. They are very creative and have an intellectual mind.

Not only one, but they master many different fields. However, their favourite is technology, and they have provided so much to humanity in this field.

As individual interest matter a lot to them, they have many different areas of interests to keep them occupied.


They don’t have consistency in their nature. Although, they are highly intellectual; but, they find it hard to complete a task.

Their interest in the field might work as the spark to initiate a task, but they usually they don’t finish it.

They rely on others for the completion of their work.


Vegans love to explore the world. They like to travel from one place to another.

If they get a chance, they like to travel alone because they love it that way.

They feel comfortable in loneliness and in far off places.


When given a challenge, a vegan happily accepts it and tries to understand the whole task.

These starseeds are best at completing the challenges.

If they started anything because of the given challenge, it is highly possible that they will take it to the end.

Caring and Empaths

The empathy of vegans is not restricted to their minds.

When they want to help someone, they will go to any extent. Sometimes, they might face a consequences for this, but they don’t care.

They have special soft spots in their hearts for children. They are not known to leave people alone in their time of need.

Highly Friendly

People love to be around vega starseeds. They have an amiable personality.

As they belong to a kind race, they understand their friends, and this trait has provided them with lots of respect and love from others.

They know what their problems are and how to solve them.