The Three Best Vegan Athletic Shoes

Vegan Athletic Shoes: Many people embark on a vegan lifestyle for both moral and health reasons.

In fact, as part of a health kick, a vegan diet can help us to lose weight and stay toned.

But did you know that some running shoes contain animal products that don’t fit into a vegan lifestyle?

That’s right, many synthetic fibres and glues contain leather or other animal products as a part of their production.

Buying or using these non-vegan running shoes means contributing to the exact industries we as vegans want to avoid.

Vegan Athletic Shoes

So to help you pick the right vegan running shoes, we have collated this list of the top cruelty-free, animal-free options.

Brooks Beast 14

 Brooks only make vegan compliant products and boast several lines of products that contain no animal products at all.

They are also an industry leader in athletic footwear technology, and this premium high tech shoe is widely considered the best of the best.

This shoe is comfortable, breathable and has a gel cushion specifically designed to protect your feet even when you are on a long, hard run.

All of the premium features you might expect from an industry leading product are there.

However, with a retail price of $150 this might be a little over some people’s budget.

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Newton Running Gravity 4

 Newton is another company that specialises in vegan athletic wear, and their Gravity 4s are manufactured entirely without animal or animal-derived products.

The innovative Gravity 4s sport a unique set of lugs on the sole of the shoe that boasts energy returning technology – basically, they convert some of the lost energy when the foot hits the ground back in to forward momentum.

High performance does again come with a steeper price tag at $175, despite the lightweight design.

Mizuno Wave 18

 The Wave 18s from Mazumo are an entirely animal product free running shoe that is incredibly flexible and breathable.

For those of you that like to put some distance into your exercise regime will like these as they are designed for long-distance running.

Using Wave technology and energy returning features, this shoe is perfect to get you through long distance runs.

This is also a cheaper offering for those on a budget, a price tag set at $120.

What To Look For

 If you decide to go with a shoe, not on this list, there are a few things you should check.

First, check that the manufacturer claims on their website or their promotional materials that their shoes are vegan-friendly and contain no animal products.

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Popular vegan sites often review the reputable brands that can be trusted.

But remember that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort or design to buy cruelty-free.

The truth is, there are a plethora of choices out there for the health conscious vegan looking for vegan running shoes.

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