The Effect of Veganism And World Hunger

Whenever someone comes with the idea of veganism for the greater good, people ridicule him. They tell him, “Do you know how absurd you sound?”

Their counter-argument is that without animals, humans would face a massive food shortage.

They might even starve to death. Just the idea of eating a healthy diet gives them a terrible headache. Their naivety and negligence astound me at times.

Recent reports have shown that animal-based diet is one of the biggest culprits behind world hunger.

A staggering 925 million people in the world are living in famine-stricken conditions. Out of these 925 million, 870 million are malnourished.

This famine claims the lives of 2.5 million children every year.Veganism and World hunger

Scientifically, it has been proven that Mother Earth has enough food for the entire lot of us. Then, why are we still writhing on the desert of starvation?

Even though there are enough crops in the world to fill the bellies of the entire human race, most of them are being fed off to animals.

This creates a shortage of plant-based resources, leading to the death of millions of people.

Did you know that a cow needs to intake 15 pounds of its staple food to form just 1 pound of muscle mass? Just imagine how many people you could feed on those 15 pounds.

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Well-aware of the facts as mentioned above, if we still opt to eat animal products, we’re creating our own coffins.

Buddhists reached the acme of spirituality and greatly believed in preserving the sanctity of animal-life. Cow, pigs and chicken are mercilessly slaughtered in slaughterhouses.

DO we not care about their well-being? Why do we become brutal savages when it comes to animal consumption?Veganism and World hunger

Eating fish and eggs have been linked to a variety of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

A vegan’s blood is 600 times more effective in killing cancerous cells than a non-vegan’s blood. We can’t just slip all this scientific evidence under the rug.

We live in an age of enlightenment. We reside in a knowledge-based economy, but we act like old-age savages who would eat anything, without giving it a moment of thought.

Wasting extravagant amounts of grain on livestock is hanging humanity dry.

So, the question is, is animal-based diet essential for survival? Absolutely not! On the contrary, it is culpable for a host of deadly diseases and indirectly contributes to world hunger.

Not only can going veganism save the environment, but it can also make us less susceptible to heart attacks, cancer and other fatal conditions.

In light of contemporary research and scientific evidence, going vegan might be an utmost necessity.Veganism and World hunger

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We have to think about the emotional security of animals that are subjected to terrifying deaths in slaughterhouses.

Shifting to a vegan lifestyle is our only choice if we wish to save the environment and ourselves.

Spirituality teaches us to be kind to all forms of life. And we can’t just consider animals as inanimate objects. They have a beating heart and a living soul, just like us.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.

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