Venus Retrograde on March 6th & How It will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

In Roman mythology, Venus was the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She was the symbol of romance and happy endings. As a seductress, she had the power to bestow feminine charms, beauty, and seduction, she could mesmerize anyone she wished to enchant.

With Venus in retrograde, it is time to slow down and rethink all your plans. You need to know what is right for you, who is on your side, who you truly value, etc. This will be a testing time within all relationships.


That being said, we all tend to react a little differently when it comes to universal energies. Here is how these energies may affect you while Venus is in Retrograde.

Complete unfinished business

Take this phase when Venus is in retrograde to complete any unfinished business in old relationships or partnerships. You can then let go of them without carrying forward any emotional baggage. Don’t think you can return to your old flame and rekindle the love as it may not be great the second time around. It won’t be for long term. So if you are unsure, wait until Venus’s retrograde phase is over and then think things through.

Venus retrograde and zodiac signs:


Things may seem a little emotional right now. Over the top feelings will strain friendships and romantic relationships if you’re not careful. There is a solid possibility of meeting important new people in your life during this time too, if you don’t manage to chase them off with erratic behavior. Stay cool.


This may be an extremely intense time for you. Trials and tribulations may start popping up in mass during this time to test you in new ways. You may have some unexpected arguments with loved ones especially. Try not to take things personally. We’re all going through something right now. Keep that in mind.


Expect to have some intriguing conversations soon. The Universe wants you to open your mind to new ideas, information or concepts. At first you may not want to hear this new information, but it will come in handy for you later on. Listen carefully and try not to sound apathetic or judgmental. Set your mind free!

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Exalted Jupiter will light up your senses and emotions this week. You might be working with a very short fuse. Keeping your feelings controlled might be your greatest test of all. Try not to let anything get you down or rile you up. And remember, if you put up any walls during this time then you won’t learn the most that you can from this experience. Just take things in stride and let patience and kindness guide you. Don’t worry, you got this!


You may feel as though you’ve given too much of what you have to others lately – be it time, energy, money or something else. If you’re feeling spent, make time for yourself. Do something you love, and even do it alone if you have to. Don’t let the thoughts or opinions of others weigh you down or hold you back from what would make you happy right now. Take great care of yourself and appreciate every day to its fullest!


Feeling bored or uninspired lately? Now is the time to try new things! You may also make some new, like-minded friends who are sure to shake things up a bit in your life. It may seem chaotic at first, but give it a chance! You might be shocked by how much you like the new changes. Get away from that comfort zone!


Are you feeling a little lonely, introverted or isolated lately? If so, it may or may not be through any fault of your own but that’s not what matters anyway. What matters is how you deal with your thoughts during this time. If you think/feel it’s best to gain some comfort with yourself by spending time alone, there is nothing wrong with that. We all need periods of introspection at times. Just make sure this is healing time, and that you’re not spending it moping or dwelling.

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This is a time when you’re likely to have everything happening at once. Try not to lose your head in the craziness. And make sure that you put up some clear boundaries if people are stressing you out. You can’t do everything all by yourself and you shouldn’t even bother trying. I know it’s not easy, but ask for some help by responsible loved ones. You may be pleasantly surprised.

This is a time to build on your intuition AND your ability to say NO to people. Try to avoid being a people-pleaser during this time. It’s all well and good if your intuition tells you to do something, but don’t feel obligated if it doesn’t. Your kind nature often gets the better of you and you say ‘YES’ without thinking things through. Try to work on that.

You might see some odd things clashing in your life right now. Things that have never been at odds before may now start causing some friction. If this is the case, you should dismiss the things that no longer serve you and embrace the new things that do. This is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning’ in your life.



Feeling a little worn down or overwhelmed this week? This is the perfect time for you to spend some time in nature. It will recharge you and help you purge some of those negative emotions you’ve absorbed from other people lately. Enjoy it!

Life is throwing all kinds of opportunities your way soon. It may seem amazing at first but it can quickly get out of hand. You’ll need to focus on what you REALLY want, otherwise you may waste time and energy on fruitless endeavors. Moderation and focus is key.

Written by Lara Starr of The Earth Tribe 

Copyright notice: Please obtain written permission before republishing. Thank you.


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