Village Constructed For Kansas City Homeless Veterans With 50 Tiny Houses to Provide Free Shelter

Military veterans who wanted to help struggling and homeless veterans started a program to build tiny houses on a vacant piece of land in south Kansas City known as the Veterans Community Project.

“We identified too many veterans suffering from PTSD and addictions who were going untreated and not doing well in traditional shelters,” Chris Stout, president of Veterans Community Project, said in a news release.

“We decided as vets that we had to do something to help.”


Thanks to generous donations from community members, they built the Veterans Village, a collection of small houses that homeless veterans can live in for free.


The first one was finished last May. Today, the village is made up of 50 individual homes, each one about the size of a studio apartment.

Meghan Baker

Residents are also given food and necessities, along with a a sense of privacy, security, and stability.

Frank Morris

A community center is also in the process of being built, and will provide classes and counseling to help the veterans adjust to their new lives and cope with past trauma.


VCP founder and Marine Corps veteran Kevin Jamison explained the inspiration for the initiative to Fox4, “These are my brothers and sisters out there on the streets. We didn’t want to see any veteran suffering. We want to give them something they can stay in, call it their own and then socialize and re-integrate at their own pace.”

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Frank Morris

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