Are you wondering what the meaning of a violet aura is? Do you have a violet aura and want to know what personality traits and energy patterns this aura hue expresses?

Then stick around.

Auras are like a near-visual diagnostic for the invisible spiritual energies that flow within us.

By looking at our aura and studying it, we can learn about ourselves and how we can purify our energies and heal our chakras.

Violet Aura Meaning

The violet aura represents a highly spiritually attuned person whose skills of empathy and intuition are remarkably high.

Those with a violet aura are creative, intelligent and natural leaders who are more in touch with their crown chakra – the energy centre that symbolises spirituality and consciousness.

Nearly all psychics, mediums and healers have a purple aura because of their active link to the spiritual plane.

Though not all people with a violet aura have psychic powers, they do have that potential.

It still takes work for most people, but with a firmer, innate grasp on the vibrational makeup of the universe, they tend to find it easier than everyone else to develop their psychic abilities.

They also make natural leaders as they are in tune with the needs of others and are more often than not the smartest person in any given room.

Unfortunately, those with violet aura are somewhat prone to arrogance.

This is because they are highly intelligent and creative and often find that they are being held back by the dawdling of others.

They are also prone to narcissism and materialism when they are not spiritually active.

Violet Aura Life Paths

There are a few paths through life that those with a violet aura are best suited to take.

As we have discussed, many take the spiritual route and dedicate their lives to helping others in spiritual matters – either as a psychic, a medium or as a healer.

Later in life, they may find that they are referred to by others as a guru.

But there are more mundane paths through life that can lead to real fulfilment for someone with a violet aura.

Many go into careers where their natural leadership skills and emotional intelligence are well valued, such as education and healthcare.

The artistic path is also open, as those with violet auras are highly creative and can make great musicians, artists and actors.

All the greats have had violet or purple auras, which is also why we have the stereotype of the arrogant, brilliant, narcissistic artist.

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