To know how the violet flame can benefit your twin flame relationship, you first have to understand how this magical flame works.

In reality, it is the highest vibrational energy. Its colour is violet or purple. It’s a powerful ray that has healing energy.

Violet flame is capable of purifying all the negative energies. You can use the violet flame to heal your twin soul relationship.

Violet Flame And Twin Flame: Why It Is Important

For a twin flame reunion, removing negativity is essential because twins have to vibrate at a higher frequency.

When there is no negativity, the reunion is easier. Usually, unawakened individuals vibrate at low energy and the shift to vibrate at a higher frequency can be painful.

On the other hand, people who understand their higher purpose in life vibrate at a higher frequency.

These negative energies are present in the form of anger, hatred, jealousy and many other dense emotions.

For you and your twin to make the shift to a higher frequency, you need to perform a unique meditation; luckily for you, the violet flame is helpful.

When this magical flame engulfs you, all your negativity transforms into positivity. The violet flame affects not only your body but also the surroundings as well.


A successful meditation leads to light body activation or a feeling of calmness. You might need many sessions of meditation if you have karmic debts.

Steps For Violet Flame Meditation

First, you need to find a quiet place to meditate. Begin your usual meditation, the step here is to visualise yourself engulfed in the violet flame. The violet flame will not burn you but heal you.

If the visualising is difficult for you, try a visualising technique, then try this meditation for maximum impact.

Visualise you are fully immersed in the flames, and the fire is healing your skin, it’s permeating your body and mind. The fire is burning all the negativity away.

Think of all negative people you encounter every day dissolve away.

Meditation With Your Twin Flame

Removing all the negativity requires many sessions, so make this your daily routine.

This meditation can be even better with your partner; however, if your twin is not spiritual, then you have no choice to perform this on your own. You can send healing energy to your twin flame during the meditation.

It will make a more significant impact when you perform this meditation in the presence of your twin flame, especially during a good relationship period.

It is even better when the twin joins you in the meditation.

Start the session by visualising you both are engulfed in the violet flame.

The flame is burning away the abusive past, daily problems and everything that might be hindering the way to positivity.


You can use the violet flame meditation together with your twin to heal yourself and others. It’s a great addition to your spiritual toolbox. As evolved twin flames you can use it to heal the sick.

If you are both spiritually aligned, you can use it to send energy to places where healing is required.

Violet flame meditation holds great magic within; by using it correctly, You can create miracles. It is a blessing not only for a single entity but for the entire society.