Wake Up And Transcend 5D Earth Shift

In this article we discuss the 5D Earth shift. Are you feeling the urgency to shift up a few gears? we all feel that urge as we raise our consciousness, it’s a time of spiritual progression in overdrive.

Its time for us to take action for I feel the opportunity is closing, if we are to transcend we need to make a choice, either to be part of the 5D Earth or stay in this fear filled reality. Each day and every hour we have the opportunity to raise our vibration by synchronizing our thoughts through intention with prayer, meditation to be part of the cosmic energy of abundance to assist us in this transformation.


Me, you and every lightworker wants this transformation, we know that negativity, fear can not exist with love, peace and happiness upon 5D Earth. Imagine what would happen to those who decide to live in fear? Their thoughts would manifest into that very fear, this is the real hell, the hell on earth.

Maybe some of us won’t transcend to 5D Earth? Here are some reason why they won’t;

Shifting To 5D Earth

Some People Are Not Spiritually Attuned

Yes some people have no clue whats going on earth and its energies, so they are not spiritually in vibration with the rest of us.

Gaia has a unique vibration and frequency, that’s how animals know when to migrate. Earth’s vibration is changing each day as more energy is coming from Cosmic Source.

Some People Live In Fear

Yes they do; there is love and there is fear. Some choose fear, so they live in fear and they are incapable of loving themselves and others. The ones in power use fear to control and manipulate.


There Are People Who Place High Value On Money

Money was created to control, to create a slave society. When we truly shift in unity there won’t be any need for money, because there would be abundance for everyone.

The rich control the poor, one of the richest is the Roman Catholic Church. This organization has enough money to clothe and feed everyone in the planet, yet they save their money and demand more from people.

Some People Are Materialistic And Place High Value On It

Some people are materialistic, they can’t let go of their ego and may not shift to higher vibration. Those who are rich try to keep us in fear, when we fear then we can’t love.

For those who place extreme value on materialistic items may find it harder to depart to the spirit realm and reincarnation and remain behind as a subtle body wondering the physical plane.

There Are People Who Are Greedy

Same as being materialistic, those who are greedy may get left behind, their vibration won’t unite with 5D Earth. Even though we are individuals, we have massive potential to contribute in the global consciousness of this planet.


By being greedy you send out a massive wave of negative energy, your the one who gets left behind.

Some Think It’s All About Them

Some people have their egos pumped-up so much that they think its all about them, its not about one person but rather more about unity.

Some Are Trapped Inside The 3D Matrix

Our education system burned this idea into us that we need to educate ourself to find work, why do we need to work? To earn money.., What if money never existed, would money serve a purpose in a 5D Society? Yes we are thought to earn money but really where does our money go? Our hard earned money goes to the reptilian bloodlines that keep us in slavery.

Luckily some of us have figured this out? We have burst through the bubble of the matrix system, we are working towards living in a society where we can coexist together in love and harmony. Indigos, Lightworkers and Awakened Souls have made this break through, there is still time for the rest of the world to catch up.

Signs You Are Shifting To 5D Earth

  • You feel a deep oneness with everyone
  • You tend to experience synchronicity
  • You think of peaceful ways to contribute
  • You feel connected to nature
  • You want greater freedom for everyone on the planet

If you have just awakened then life can be really beautiful. If you haven’t then there is till time to make this cross over however this window maybe closing each day, our time on the physical plane is limited why not become part of the collective consciousness.


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