One phenomenon that is becoming more common as the era of the lightworkers gets into full swing is the walk-in soul.

Do you think you or someone you know might be a walk-in soul?

Ever wondered what to look out for when you think you know a walk-in soul?

Some walk-in souls are harder to spot than others, but there are some common characteristics that most share.

What Are Walk In Souls?

Sometimes a soul wants out. It’s a sad fact, but many people find themselves trapped living lives they don’t want, and it can become unbearable.

When the suffering is too much, and the person is an emotional wreck and often not aware of anything anymore, it leaves the soul unguarded, allowing for another being (not usually a human soul) to “walk-in”.

We see this being especially true for someone who has had a traumatic, near-death physical accident.

If it is a lightworker the person is going to be ok, but not all walk-ins are lightworkers.

Instead, they can be malicious monsters turning the once happy human into a puppet for their destructive and depraved enjoyment.

The person is never aware of this contract, of course. To them, it will feel like they have become an entirely new person altogether…

Common Characteristics Of Walk In Souls

Because the two souls involved are unique each time, not every walk-in will have all of these characteristics.

Likewise, having only one or two is probably not enough to say for sure!

You might be a walk-in soul if most of these apply to you:

A completely new person. Seemingly overnight, you have become an entirely new person.

Your passions have changed, you hold yourself differently, and your goals have shifted.

You had a near-death experience. You might have experienced a very close call that made you face your mortality.

This will have happened shortly before the walk-in.

Attitude change. Something about the walk-in process seems to promote opposites, meaning that you might have gone from being a shy introvert to being a social extrovert – again, very quickly.

You suffer blackouts. Some memories that you know that you should have might be missing or unclear, especially about things immediately before the walk-in.

A loss of deep fears and anxieties. The things that used to scare you in the past just don’t anymore.

Also, you may find that you have new fears creep up on you, ones that you didn’t have before.

All your interests have changed. Your old passions have lost their draw – you have a burst of enthusiasm for new things.

You start to see Lightworker symptoms

If you are reading this, then you could be a lightworker. Anyone taken over by a demon would not be interested in this.

Check out the lightworker signs and symptoms to see if you might be a lightworker.

Wanderlust. Walk-in souls are not attached to the life their body’s previous soul had built, so most move on pretty quickly and start a new life.

This often begins with a period of travel as the walk-in soul finds its new home.

If you think you might be a walk-in soul – you fit the characteristics, including symptoms for being a lightworker – then there’s one thing you should do:

Follow your mission!

You are here because your higher soul wants to do good, helping to bring humanity towards better things and higher dimensions of consciousness.

Dedicate yourself to that work and reap the benefits of showing kindness, generosity and love to those who cross our path.

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