Wall Gecko Dream Meaning – Have you seen a wall gecko? Are you wondering what it means?

This animal totem often represents a change you need to make.

Geckos generally show up in dreams when you need to be more assertive and courageous.

They’re a symbol of tenacity and perseverance. They can do things that other animals can’t do.

The gecko is telling you not to let fear hold you back. You have the strength to do what needs to be done.

However, wall geckos represent something more.

Here are the symbolism and meaning behind a wall gecko dream.

Wall Gecko Dream Meaning


They can represent change, but they more commonly show up in dreams as a metaphor. But why?

If you dreamed of a gecko on the wall, it’s more than likely that you need to be more tenacious and persistent with your goals.

Change isn’t easy or comfortable, but it needs to happen.

And it often has the most impact when we’re not looking for it and least expecting it.

CourageWall Gecko Dream Meaning

It also means you need to be more courageous.

You want change, but fear is holding you back. You don’t think you can do it.

Change is difficult, but you need to face your fears.

This is the only way forward.


Assertiveness is the next stage after courage in your personal growth.

It means that you’re not going to let fear or other people hold you back from making real change.

You have what it takes to make it happen.


Dreaming about a gecko can also mean that you need to explore your passions in life.

They represent tenacity and passion because they’re not going down without a fight.

Nothing will stop you from reaching your goals if you keep moving forward. 

Climbing up

They also represent your willingness to climb to the top.

Geckos can climb up sheer surfaces without falling, showing that they’re willing to take on challenges others might think are impossible.

Another perspective

Seeing a wall gecko in your dream can also symbolize change you didn’t expect.

Viewing your goals from a different perspective can completely change the scope of what you were trying to do.

Reaching one goal can lead to another, so don’t be surprised when things are not at all as they seem in your dream.

If you’re not getting the results you expected, take a look at your dream from a different perspective.

Being Patient

Wall geckos can also symbolize patience.

They’re happy to wait for hours on end before they make their next move.

When you see a wall gecko in your dream, it could mean that you need to be more patient.

It’s okay if things aren’t happening as quickly as you like because, in the end, it will pay off when you least expect it.

Wall Gecko Dream Meaning About Witches

Some folklore says that witches use wall geckos to cast spells on people.

People saw the geckos as evil creatures because they were hard to see in the dark.

They were known to hide in crevices and come out when sleeping.

However, I feel this is some old wives’ tale and doesn’t relate to the symbolism of a wall gecko.

Spiritual Meaning of Killing Wall Gecko In Dreams

It has been known that killing wall gecko is bad luck. However, there is another way to look at this.

If you kill a wall gecko in your dream, it means you are too afraid to see things from another angle or perspective.

You don’t consider change because it’s too uncomfortable for you.

You are too rigid in your ways to consider other possibilities.

Does Wall Gecko Cause Bad Dreams?

Is that even possible?

I couldn’t find any information suggesting that wall geckos cause bad dreams.

So if you see one in your dream tonight, don’t worry about it.

Instead, think about what the dream means to you.

If one of these interpretations resonates with you, then it has the meaning you need to know right now.

But if not, there are many other types of dreams out there, and each one is as unique.

What Does it Mean When a Wall Gecko Falls on You?

In their native regions of Southeast Asia, they are generally associated with good fortune.

If a gecko falls on your right shoulder, it indicates luck, but a fall on your left shoulder is considered bad luck.

They are usually welcomed in most homes. However, injuring a gecko brings bad fortune.


Wall geckos are a sign of change and courage in your life, but they can also represent surprises.

When you see one in your dream, it’s time to look at what you’re doing from a different perspective and consider how patience plays a role.

It’s not always an urgent message, but it also doesn’t mean you should ignore your dreams either.