Warning Signs About False Twin Flame Connection

False twin flame connection? Surely not, you have probably heard of this term, what’s going to be next? I was frustrated to hear about this.

So I made a decision to do some research and to my shock as I read through quite a few of the signs, it made me think of a relationship I had experienced many years ago. The patterns that manifested within it were very similar.



So what is a false twin flame?false twin flame 4

A false twin flame is someone whom you connect with, that appears to express the same energetic blueprint as you, but they are merely serving as the catalyst for their own spiritual growth.

They are known as energy suckers, and they love to feed off other people’s high vibrational frequency. Check our Article on The Three Different Types of Narcissists.

They are quite skillful enough to mimic your energy body, exhibiting themselves as your mirror in order to manipulate you to think there is something special about them. But this relationship leaves you feeling drained, unworthy and even heartbroken.

Both of you will be completely unaware of what is happening on the metaphysical level. The patterns in this relationship will cycle around and around bringing you together and separated, until you finally learn the lesson.

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Signs of the False Twin Flame

There are other warning signs, explained in this video. Why not take our free False Twin Flame Quiz?

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