The history of the Merkaba stretches to Egypt in ancient times, with the first documented reference to it being from the spiritual leader Thoth Hermes Trismegistus.

He used the word “Markab”, an allusion to the Arabic word for “boat” and a clue as to the vehicle-like nature of the Light Body he was describing.

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus himself was revered across the ancient world.

Some cultures such as the Romans and the Egyptians considering him as some kind of god or demi-god.

In any case, his writings on the Merkaba have survived through the ages and are as applicable today as they were back then – though the concept is not as widespread as it should be.

The Importance Of Merkaba in Egypt

People were far more in touch with their higher selves in ancient times. There were fewer distractions from the experience of living and philosophy was foremost in people’s minds.

They looked to spiritual leaders for meaning and pursued higher goals and spiritual attainment in a way that most people do not in the modern world.

The concept of a Light Vehicle was well known in Ancient Egypt.

It was roughly equivalent to the concept of a spirit but stressed the idea that the whole universe was connected.

Through mastering it, you could inhabit your Light Vehicle and travel through the universe at will.

The word Merkaba in Egypt’s ancient language roughly translates to “chariot”.

This was a fitting metaphor for the time as it referred to main mode of transport used.

For many it conjured an image of the Sun god Ra pulling the Sun across the sky in his golden chariot.

This reference to a story everyone knew helped people to understand the power they could hope to attain with self mastery.

However, the true value of the writings and teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus came in the passing down of the concept of the Light Vehicle that exists in all of us.

Though the language has been updated the ideas remain the same.

Sadly, they did not stay in the mainstream over the time between then and now.

His excellent works were unable to compete with the state-sponsored religions that took control after the Classical period ended.

Thoth’s ideas might have died when he ascended were it not for the dedicated few that kept his teachings alive.1072178

Did Merkaba Start In Egypt or Was It Always There?

His teachings did survive, of course. What was lost was the ability for most people to understand the true astral power of their soul Light Vehicle in a way that related to them.

His writings fell out of the mainstream and few had the words to describe what they understood from their own lived experience.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a very old spiritual soul and friend of mine. They were speaking about their experiences in the astral realm.

They had a friend show them how to find the place it was kept, the first time he used it.

They said there was a vehicle that was tied up, sort of like a jet ski, floating, waiting for them.

They said they knew that they could jump on it and use it to go further out into The Universe than they had ever been before.

They said they looked around for a key to start it. But their astral travel friend, instructed them to power it with their mind.

Tell it where you want to go. And, they did! The adventures they had “tripping around The Universe.

An Ah Ha Merkaba Moment!

It wasn’t until a little later on that I realized what my friend was referring to.

They were speaking about their Light Vehicle, the Merkaba.

What really struck me about this conversation was that they referred to it as “like a jet ski”.

This reminds me of the word Merkaba meaning “chariot”, and how this parallels.

Perhaps if Thoth Hermes Trismegistus were alive and teaching today he would use the term “jet ski” to describe this concept to his students, just as he used “chariot” in Ancient Egypt.

This personal story helps to make an important point. While my friend did not know the details or the terminology, the concept already existed in their psyche.

It seems as though this knowledge is intrinsic to people, a part of being a conscious human being.

So perhaps the idea did not begin in Ancient Egypt.

Perhaps it was always there, just waiting for someone to put the words to it and provide the tools for people to make use of it.consciencia y dios

The Power of Merkaba Since Egypt

The ideas left the mainstream in favor of new ideas that sadly took the power away from such individuals.

The tools that allowed people to harness their power to travel the astral plane disappeared from human knowledge.

The tools were gone, or so little known that they were practically gone. The power, on the other hand, went nowhere.

We have always had the ability to travel the universe at will.

Through the ages every individual has had this at their disposal – the soul does not simply lose this ability.

Every reincarnation we have been through has had this potential.

However, with every reincarnation we must again learn to use the tools that unlock this power.

With the teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus kept from most of us, we were unable to harness our power.

Open Your Mind

Thankfully, in this ever-more connected world this knowledge has sprung up once more.

More and more people all around the world are coming together and learning how to use their human light energy tools and experiencing Light Body Activation.

This opens the universe to them, expanding their minds and their souls as they become more connected to the world we live in.

The history of this concept holds an important lesson for all of us with spiritual knowledge and experience.

Sharing with others, helping them to understand their higher selves and their inner power is vital to the future of our species.

In the modern world it is not the religions that threaten to bury this knowledge but the distractions that keep us from thinking about our place in the universe.

The most powerful way to keep this knowledge alive is to show others what it can do.

Learn how to use your light energy tools and pass this on with love to those around you.

In this way, we might come together and keep the power of our Light Vehicles alive.

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