Legend has it that each person is born 7 times in their lifetime before reaching salvation or damnation. Each of this birth carries a specific purpose to prepare the person for the next birth.

Listed below is the chronological order of your 7 births with its corresponding personalities.


Check at what birth you’re in at your current life and the rebirths that you are to undergo.

The 7 Times We are Born in This World:

1. The Infant/Child

Infancy is the first birth your soul has to experience. During this time, your soul just observes all the matter in front of you.

Everything looks strange and is likely to cause you overwhelm. You can’t find your wits, feel disoriented, and shaky on your feet. Every effort you take results in failure, or may even backfires in worst cases.


Your best intentions are often misunderstood and you feel alienated from your peers. This is the most challenging birth because your mettle will be tested the most.

2. The Curios Learner

This life is your experience of the first rebirth and is mainly characterized by curiosity and learning. Your soul craves to learn new things and you absorb all kinds of information presented to you.

Fame and recognition don’t have meaning in this life because your sole focus is on learning new skills and vocations while enriching your experience.

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3. The Explorer

This is a rebirth where your wanderlust spirit takes full action. The explorer in your soul comes out as you expand your curiosity.

In this birth, you start to implement the things learned in the previous births to obtain practical solutions and reap the benefits.

Because of the many things to do and see, you feel as if time is running out.

4. The Lover

You begin to see love, feel love, and understand love in this rebirth. With all the lessons you have acquired, you feel you’re ready for this kind of rebirth.

However, love could be tricky. In its trickiness, you’ll come to learn the delight of being in love or the deep anguish for having broken your heart.

All these lessons are necessary for your growth and evolution as well as for the following births that are to come. Hence, you should not avoid love no matter the circumstances it comes because you wouldn’t have the next rebirths while being stuck in this birth.

5. The Achiever

This is the culmination stage of everything you’ve learned and done in the previous lives.

In this birth, recognition starts to matter and anxiety sets in as you wait for the results of all your efforts.

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If you’re an overachiever, you tend to get anxious and are afraid of disappointments.


6. The Giver

During this birth, you start to feel a sense of spirituality. You strengthen your faith in something and feel an urge of giving back to the community.

As your soul has experienced all the major stages of growth, you finally see that there’s joy in helping people. You share with others not only your material possessions, but also your love, time, and effort.

You may even choose teaching or nursing people as your vocation because of the sense of fulfillment you receive in doing such things.

7. The Transcendence

As an extension of the sixth life, the last birth that is the transcendence is where matter is finally removed from your soul. You gain freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Your soul goes deep inside you for introspection. You continually search for inner knowledge as well as that of your surroundings.

Your desire to be generous is no longer governed by a sense of fulfillment with what you get, but by the understanding that it’s what you’re called to do. Solitude then becomes a place you constantly want to visit.

If you find yourself in this stage, then you’re likely at the last birth of your life regardless of the number of your years.

Source: Special Health Tips